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The best 7 gadgets coming in 2017

As technology are improving, new gadgets are launched with advanced features. In the past, most of the electronic devices were mainly designed for performing a single purpose, but now with modern technologies been invented with which even a single device can perform multiple purposes. For example, in the earlier stages of mobile development it could  Full Article…


How to rank my website for mobile users – SEO for mobile phones

Mobile SEO is the growing trend as each day passes. This is because more and more users now access most websites via their mobile phones, since desktop PCs (or laptops) are bulky and one cannot take the computer screen literally everywhere. The basic principle of the Search Engine Optimization remains the same, no matter which  Full Article…


Why Web Designing In India Is A Hit

Slowly but steadily over the years, India has become a major hub for outsourcing. But the lesser known fact remains that India is quickly gaining speed to rank as best web designing location as well. Exemplary English skills, similar cost advantage and a team of dedicated fellas that contribute to many outsourcing platforms are few  Full Article…


Unable to create directory /uploads/xxx in WordPress – Is its parent directory writable by the server?

Got this error (Unable to create directory /uploads/xxx), while trying to upload media files to a WordPress folder. The following work-around did the job for me and hence thought of sharing it. 1. Log into your WordPress admin dashboard. 2. Go to Media Settings menu (Settings -> Media) 3. Enter wp-content/uploads in the “Store uploads in this folder”  Full Article…


“UID MOVE: Internel Error” in Roundcube

Got the following error, while trying to delete a few mails through Roundcube : “Server Error: UID MOVE: Internal error occurred. Refer to server log for information when trying to delete emails” This was actually due to a bug with the cPanel webmail interface. I tried a work-around and the issue was corrected with that:  Full Article…


How to point your domain’s URL to a sub-folder in wordpress

Suppose you have a WordPress site that changes periodically, like it’s changing every year and you want to install each year’s version of the site to a sub-folder (such as /2014, /2015, /2016 etc). Also, you need to have the original domain ( automatically redirect to a particular sub-folder (usually the latest). Yes, you have  Full Article…