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MySQL doesnt start

  In some cases MySQL will not get restarted even if we run the init script to start/restart it. The issue is due to the basedir variable in /etc/my.cnf file. Inorder to fix this you may need to comment out or remove the basedir directive line from /etc/my.cnf file. [mysql.server ] server=mysql #basedir=/var/lib Now restart  Full Article…


How to setup MySQL temp directory on RAM disk?

Follow the below mentioned steps to setup MySQL temp directory on a RAM disk. Create a tmpfs directory : mkdir /var/tmpfs Now change the ownership of the newly created directory. chown mysql:mysql /var/tmpfs id mysql Make sure to get the uid and gid for mysql vi /etc/fstab tmpfs /var/tmpfs tmpfs rw,uid=498,gid=499,size=500M,nr_inodes=10k,mode=0700 0 0 Save and  Full Article…