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What are the steps to migrate a closed software to open source?

Open source software presents a large amount of versatility and choice to improve the software without limitation. This finding, however, may not be carried on to all users and it is disputed whether customized changes to the original source code can limit the future maintenance and extension of the software. Once more, open source software  Full Article…


Google’s Go – A Modern Computer Language, Advantages Drawbacks

Go is a computer language developed by Google’s engineers Robert Griesemer, Ken Thompson and Rob Pike in the year 2007, but announced to the public in November 2009. It traditionally follows the principle of C and Algol, giving the facility of garbage collection, memory safety features, limited structural typing and CSP-style concurrent programming features. It  Full Article…


Brain-Computer Interface (BCI)- WHAT?! & HOW?!

Science has proved it again that nothing is impossible! Brain is a wonder and its working an amazement for humans, we all know that root of any action performed by the body is brain. Brain is the commanding head, it passes signals to different parts of the body and accordingly the body carries out the  Full Article…


Magento Can’t login to admin panel.

Magento is an open source CMS for e-commerce based web sites. Sometimes, there are problems logging into the backend of our Magento site, despite the fact that we have not changed our username or password. We keep on getting the error message: “Invalid Username or Password” We’ve tried resetting the password, but this hasn’t worked.  Full Article…


How to clean Magento Database Logs to improve performance?

Magento is a pretty stable eCommerce system but the database is not that efficient as it should be.  A major performance boost can be achieved by cleaning the logs regularly. The outcome is that it helps in reducing latency of query execution and thus improves performance. Regular database cleansing can tidy up Magento database and  Full Article…