How to completely remove/disable cPanellogd


If  the server has a few domains hosted in it and it doesn’t have much resources allocated, then it is not much required to run cpanellogd and we can go ahead and disable it in server.

♦ First step is to create the following file, it should disable cpanellogd:

♦ touch /etc/cpanellogddisable

Now kill all cpanel logd process by finding the PIDs.

♦ ps aux | grep cpanellogd 
  kill -9 PID#

Additionally, to ensure cPanel restart does not start cpanellogd, you would want to move the following files:
mv /usr/local/cpanel/cpanellogd /usr/local/cpanel/cpanellogd.bak
mv /usr/local/cpanel/libexec/cpanellogd /usr/local/cpanel/libexec/cpanellogd.bak

After doing the above steps, cpanellogd should no longer run on your server.


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