Installing a custom module in cPanel


In cPanel custom modules should be installed in the following path, this tutorial will help you to install custom modules in cPanel.

♦ Login to the server as SSH

♦ Go to the folder    ‘/var/cpanel/easy/apache/custom_opt_mods/

♦ Download and unzip it into /var/cpanel/easy/apache/custom_opt_mods/

♦ When logged into your server as root, you can install any module listed below by running the following commands. Be sure to replace $NAME.tar.gz with the filename of the module you wish to download:



tar -C /var/cpanel/easy/apache/custom_opt_mods -xzf $NAME.tar.gz

Eg: if you want to install mod_GeoIP as a custom module, download and extract the tar file in the above shown directory.

This module looks up the IP address of the client web user in the GeoIP database.


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