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Apachebooster is a tool developed by Ndimensionz and it enhances the server performance many folds. It enhance the caching of both static and dynamic pages and make the websites to load much faster than before (4)

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All kind of managed services. Issue resolution via ticketing system, chat or even telephone. Server helpdesk service is the prominent service that we provide for datacentres (2)

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Develop mobile applications in android. We can make your dream applications and enhance your business using mobile application development. (11)


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Projection keyboard – The future input device

There was a time when a single computer occupied the space of a room but now the technology has reached its new heights to the extent that now one doesn’t need the whole of a computer to be carried, not even the laptops. Previously when we had cathode ray tube based desktops, nobody could imagine  Full Article…


Which is better A computer ? OR A Human Brain?

When someone asks which is better – A computer or a human brain then at first anyone would say, a computer, since it has the ability to solve multiple tasks within fractional seconds and memorizes every kind of data you feed to it, whether, text, graphics, audio, video, and much more. Human brain on the  Full Article…


What is encryption technology and what are its benefits?

This is a world of net surfing, online shopping and communicating (texting and calling) via internetwork. This has made everyone’s life easier. Who would have thought that one can buy literally everything sitting at home in just a few clicks! But for that a person has to send his sensitive information like credit card information,  Full Article…


Samsung Gear S2 Versus The Apple Watch

It’s often quite a confusion while purchasing a particular technically sound gadget. So, why not compare the most searched smartwatches, i.e. Samsung Gear S2 with The Apple Watch? It will save your time going to shopping stores since the salesperson will probably show you the higher range and this is not always the case your  Full Article…


R1 soft plugin in paper_latern theme on cpanel

Here are the steps to install R1 soft plugin in paper_latern theme on cpanel. This link mainly focus on installing the plugin on X3 theme. For custom installation on paper_latern theme. We have to run this script : /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/install_plugin  (path to plugin folder/r1soft-cpanel-plugin-2.0) –theme paper_lantern path to plugin folder >> The place where we  Full Article…


What is CageFS and its benefits

CageFS is a virtualized file system which enables each user to have its own cage. Each customer will have its own fully functional CageFS, with all the system files, tools, etc. The benefits of CageFS are: User will not be able to see server configuration files, such as Apache config files. User won’t be able  Full Article…