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Apachebooster is a tool developed by Ndimensionz and it enhances the server performance many folds. It enhance the caching of both static and dynamic pages and make the websites to load much faster than before (4)

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All kind of managed services. Issue resolution via ticketing system, chat or even telephone. Server helpdesk service is the prominent service that we provide for datacentres (2)

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Develop mobile applications in android. We can make your dream applications and enhance your business using mobile application development. (11)


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The Importance and Role of Good Content in SEO

SEO is nothing without content and Vice-Versa! The SEO performed on your website will be effective and fruitful only when it is backed up with good content. SEO will help your website to rank better, but for the users to stick to your website you need content that is genuine and full of information placed  Full Article…


The Truth about SEO

SEO is a difficult and a constantly changing process that most of the companies around the world are trying to get involved with. Search Engine Optimization is becoming more diversified and demanding with a vast number of to be done and not to be done that most search engine optimizer should stick with, in order  Full Article…


Brain-Computer Interface (BCI)- WHAT?! & HOW?!

Science has proved it again that nothing is impossible! Brain is a wonder and its working an amazement for humans, we all know that root of any action performed by the body is brain. Brain is the commanding head, it passes signals to different parts of the body and accordingly the body carries out the  Full Article…


Apachebooster – Cpanel Featured Plugin – Ngnix Varnish Apache

ContentsHOW TO MAKE MY BLOG FASTER?Apachebooster – Wordpress Benchmark HOW TO MAKE MY BLOG FASTER? Apachebooster – WordPress Benchmark Achieved 65% Performance improvement and 150% better access timings in 2core 2GB Xen VPS Apachebooster is a cpanel featured plugin for enhancing cpanel based server performance. Apachebooster using effective caching technique which takes away the load  Full Article…



ApacheBooster has been specifically designed to enhance the working of web-servers based on cPanel. ApacheBooster as the name suggests boosts the working ability of the Apache web server, which is according to the census the most used web server in the world! Nginx and varnish has been fused together in ApacheBooster to make it effectively  Full Article…


Exim mail server

Exim Exim is a mail transfer agent which is used on Unix-like operating systems for sending,receiving and routing the email messages. Exim is a free software distributed under the terms of the General Public License (GNU), and it aims to be a general and flexible mailer with extensive facilities for checking incoming mails. The mail  Full Article…