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Apachebooster is a tool developed by Ndimensionz and it enhances the server performance many folds. It enhance the caching of both static and dynamic pages and make the websites to load much faster than before (4)


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All kind of managed services. Issue resolution via ticketing system, chat or even telephone. Server helpdesk service is the prominent service that we provide for datacentres (1)

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Develop mobile applications in android. We can make your dream applications and enhance your business using mobile application development. (2)


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Impact of Start-ups on our economy

WE have all heard of start-ups and small businesses, small enterprises. What are they in actual sense? They are a small team of members who have a vision and mission to do something different, to give something innovative to the public and to make a mark in the economy. These days big companies have been  Full Article…


Augmented Audio Reality Listening Earbuds, Bionic Ears

Augmented Audio Reality has come into existence to filter the surrounding noises that we hear on daily basis that hinder our concentration while working on something important, or making hurdles during our sleep, or simply because we don’t want to listen to a specific sound that annoys us. For instance, listening to live concerts in  Full Article…


Practical Uses and Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the term basically used for machines who can “think”. In practical sense there are many applications that, by using the concept of AI, are successfully running but cannot be fully termed as Artificial Intelligence. This is because scientists want to design that kind of robotic machine that could resemble a human brain,  Full Article…


Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter – Pros and Cons

Hoverboard could be termed as self-balancing two-wheeled board or self-balancing scooter. It is a rechargeable battery powered device which is used to enable a person move from one place to another just by standing on it. Hoverboard has total of two wheels, one of which is at each side and a pair of platforms where  Full Article…