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Apachebooster is a tool developed by Ndimensionz and it enhances the server performance many folds. It enhance the caching of both static and dynamic pages and make the websites to load much faster than before (4)

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All kind of managed services. Issue resolution via ticketing system, chat or even telephone. Server helpdesk service is the prominent service that we provide for datacentres (2)

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Develop mobile applications in android. We can make your dream applications and enhance your business using mobile application development. (11)


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Dual Php with Apache-CGI in Plain server

There are many situations, where we require to run multiple php versions on a single apacheinstance. Here are the steps followed, to install php5.4 and php5.6 on a single apache instance.We had a plain server, with CentOS 6.5 installed in it. The first step is to install software collectionrepository. Software collection repository helps us to  Full Article…


Future of Big Data – Predictions of upcoming years

Yes, the Big Data has occupied nearly all businesses at present and there is certainly no denial that it will continue to exist forever, no matter how much technology will evolve, the core concept is going to remain as it is. Well, still we need to know that how the future of Big Data would  Full Article…


Types of Big Data – Structured and Unstructured

One could find many random articles on Big Data but still very few understand it in the actual sense. Other than that, only few are those who will know it in deep, others have just a basic idea. Most middle to large scale businesses are using it because of its so many advantages. But before  Full Article…


Install APCu in cPanel server

Apcu is a php module used for data caching. Steps for the installation is as follows 1. Login in to server via SSH with root access 2. Install necessary pcre-devel package prior to the APCu installation yum install pcre-devel 3. Then install APCu via PECL repository pecl install channel:// 4. restart apache /etc/init.d/httpd restart


Latest E-Commerce Technologies and Trends for Future

Most people are now familiar with the term e-commerce because of the emerging online retail stores like eBay, Flipkart, Amazon, and many more. E-commerce stands for electronic commerce which involves the commercial transaction across the internet. A vendor can sell his or her products by displaying the pictures and the consumers can buy through online  Full Article…


How would the future of internet be?

The term internet has evolved decades back from interconnecting the computers in the U.S. Department of Defense, to occupying all kinds of devices reside in the world at present. Nobody could imagine that the transfer of data would be ‘easy as ABC’. So, what’s next? Is that it or it still has scopes for modification.  Full Article…


How to create my own video website like YouTube?

Well, creating one’s own website isn’t much necessary unless you are into creating too much videos in count that as well extends for longer time period. Usually nobody wants that pain of risking their money into something that probably wouldn’t attract attention of mainstream public. YouTube is the most visited website in the world when  Full Article…


The best 7 gadgets coming in 2017

As technology are improving, new gadgets are launched with advanced features. In the past, most of the electronic devices were mainly designed for performing a single purpose, but now with modern technologies been invented with which even a single device can perform multiple purposes. For example, in the earlier stages of mobile development it could  Full Article…