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Web designing & SEO

We guide and facilitate organizations to define, document, implement and continually improve their working systems We provide interactive website development, custom web design, intranet development, web application programming, database-to-web integration, e-commerce and e-business solutions, and much more. We start with a review of your overall business objectives and propose a complete web solution for your company. Want to gather more customer leads? Sell your products on the web?  Allow clients to request appointments or pay your invoices online? Make your office more paperless? And easy content management?  That's what we do.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of positioning a company's online brand by acquiring targeted web traffic. This is done so by improving the 'organic' (Non-Paid) rankings of the site's link on search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

SEO Audits

Search engine optimization starts with an SEO audit. US Search Engine Optimization will analyze your website and your top competition, as well as your most significant online competition. We find out which keywords your competitors are targeting. We then figure out why they've chosen their marketing strategy, and how they've gotten where they are.

The US SEO team creates a comprehensive report which kicks off your business' first step towards taking control of the online market for your products or services.

Web Analytics

After the initial search engine optimization audit and planning, the work to increase your site's traffic and search engine results page (SERP) rankings begins. Our first move is the implementation of a means of tracking your onsite and inbound movement and successes - as well as areas of potential improvement.

Site Rebuild & Restructuring - Onsite SEO

Getting to the top of Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines requires many small things falling into place in just the right way. We dedicate a 'setup' period for each project which gives us the time to rebuild your site using the correct search engine optimization structure and coding.

In some cases, we find that a completely new build for your site is required. As part of the Vento Network, our extended team can use its experience in web design & development to create a new site that fits your needs exactly, while also conforming to search engine standards.

Ongoing Search Engine Optimization - Onsite & Inbound SEO

Once the US SEO team launches your site after the SEO rebuild & restructuring, we transition into the 'Ongoing Search Engine Optimization' phase. Ongoing SEO includes onsite and inbound optimization which allows your company to continue to grow and expand as time goes on. Ongoing onsite search engine optimization involves continuous optimized content additions, such as location-based pages or blog posts, whereas inbound SEO includes things like links from partners' or news sites.

US SEO also handles other forms of Search Engine Marketing to the United States (US SEM), such as Paid-Per-Click (PPC), online public relations, and press releases, which can help build brand awareness and identity, while improving your inbound search engine optimization.

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