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Who We Are

NDZ is a rapidly expanding, aspirational global leader in digital and technology services, consulting, and technology. We help customers worldwide to manage their digital transformation. NDimensionZ is an IT services, solutions, and consulting company that offers its clients the finest available services. Established in 2007 with just four employees in Kerala’s IT Hub Smart City Centre, we have expanded to 300+ employees and a global network.


To be a brand that epitomizes Employee Care and Customer Success.


We recognise our People, Processes, and Infrastructure as the pillars to thrive in technological innovations.


Deliver customer success through people, processes, technology, infrastructure, and innovation.


We strive to create a friendly and sustainable relationship with people and nature inside and outside the company.

NDimensionZ  Worldwide

We are one of the market leaders for next-generation digital services and consulting, with more than 17+ years of experience.





What We Do

We approach each project we work on with consideration. We know our individual and collective capabilities, which will significantly affect our clients.


YVI.AI revolutionizes recruitment with its innovative AI recruitment software, simplifying interview management and making candidate selection faster and easier through a secure online platform.

NDZ Store

NDZtore is an e-commerce platform provided by NDZ. With NDZtore, we offer a seamless and intuitive online marketplace where customers can purchase and engage with various products and services.


An AI Data Analytics platform tailored for police and law enforcement accelerates investigations, produces insightful counterintelligence reports, and verifies suspects through biometrics and Face recognition.

University management system

Our university management system is an ERP system that explicitly focuses on managing the overall university functions. This involves real-time information processing and knowledge management. 


Our Products

Centre of Excellence

Explore each of our products to learn more about their features, benefits, and how they can help transform your business or organization.

These are the products NDZ utilize to drive sustainable growth, cultivate innovation, and foster lasting impact.

Industries We Work With

At NdimensionZ, our impact extends beyond technological transformation. We strive to create meaningful change for our clients and communities.







In the healthcare landscape, traditionally resistant to change, we are witnessing a transformative shift with the realization of the possibilities of e-commerce and data analytics. Explore our journey and expertise in navigating this dynamic evolution.


The manufacturing industry, characterized by diverse manual processes, is ripe for transformation through automation and data analytics. Now is the opportune moment to leverage these advancements for heightened efficiency and increased return on investment (ROI).


Revolutionizing the retail sector, our E-commerce solutions and services simplify the digital transformation journey. With a blend of technical expertise and extensive experience, we stand as the ideal partner for your business.


In education, universities and colleges operate through intricate and crucial processes. A cohesive system is needed to manage and monitor these multifaceted activities.


Companies worldwide leverage NDZ’s proficiency in Big Data analytics to reach their business objectives, enhance products, and facilitate vertical and horizontal expansion. Our comprehensive services span solution engineering, development, testing, Level 1/2 operations management, extensive data infrastructure management, and application management.


Ndimensionz’s learning and development division, Techmindz, offers institutional, candidate, and cooperative-level training. Our primary goal is to equip students with the necessary training to enable their placement in the industry and prepare them for the workforce, especially those who lack technical skills.

Techmindz – Corporate Training Partner


Learning and Development department of Ndimensionz


Our diverse courses feature top-notch mentors who are experts in their respective fields.

Corporate Training

Come along with us on the path of continuous learning and professional growth.

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We can assist you with any questions or worries about our services.  Reach out to us right now to get started!

We provide institutional, candidate, and cooperative-level training. Our primary goal is to equip students with the necessary training to enable their placement in the industry and prepare them for the workforce, especially those who lack technical skills.

Our wide range of courses ensures that students get skills that are in demand by covering a broad spectrum of technologies. Some courses under this category are RPA, Big Data, Flutter, UI/UX, Digital Marketing, Java, Python, Linux and AWS, MEAN Stack, MERN Stack, Software Testing, and Corporate Readiness Program. We also provide corporate-level training programs to meet the unique requirements of businesses.

Experience transformative corporate training at Techmindz. Our commitment lies in providing businesses with the expertise and abilities required to prosper in today’s ever-changing business environment. Our cutting-edge training programs and knowledge enable companies to reach their most significant potential and stay on the cutting edge. Come along with us on the path of further education and career advancement.

We appreciate you selecting TechmindZ. We hope to hear from you shortly!

Carnival Infopark Phase I, Infopark Rd, Infopark Campus, Kochi, Kerala 682042
+91 73061 10530

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Case Studies






NDZ’s e-commerce integration with Medlife India revolutionized India’s healthcare sector, providing end-to-end assistance and ensuring compliance, security, and scalability. This resulted in improved patient experience and increased online presence.

NDZ implemented QAD Inc’s MFG Pro ERP software and integrated IBM Cognos Business Intelligence for a France-based global leader in connection technologies, streamlining operations, centralizing management, and enhancing data insights.

NDZ implemented a comprehensive web platform for IIT Palakkad, automating processes from internship applications to research publication display, significantly enhancing efficiency and providing detailed information to students and faculty.

NDZ partnered with a leading payment gateway provider in Singapore, offering end-to-end solutions for their payment processing system, including development, data centre management, 24/7 monitoring, and PCI compliance, addressing security and efficiency challenges.

NDZ’s Vendor Management System streamlines external workforce management, providing a unified platform for communication, traceability, and decision-making. This results in improved efficiency, reduced costs, increased performance, and vendor loyalty.

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Our innovative products, services, and platforms set the standard by creating better futures worldwide.

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