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As a sequel to my previous post, I give you 36 best tricks that you can implement on your website. Now I understand the average human brain cannot read more than 5 to 7 tips and tricks at one shot. But, let’s look at the bright side. You can always bookmark this page and go back whenever you feel like you need a reference. 😉

Moving on to the next sequel, here are 36 best SEO tips of 2016 that can actually improve your page ranking in Google.

1. Reviews from actual users.
Reviews, both good and bad (especially, more good, the better) can help in increasing the popularity of your page. This will ultimately lead to increase in site traffic.

2. Too much html and php links
Too much amount of .html and .php links can weaken the website quality that can dramatically fail the website ranking.

3. Words that hint content
Backlinks given by websites that contains words such as website, forum, news, blogs etc. clearly indicate that they are backlinks from content website.

4. Assorting the link types
This means that the links from the same website and the same user on a website indicates spamming. To avoid such issues make sure there are links from multiple websites and users.

5. Google Image Results
Usually, you can see that Google displays our images (of the webpages) in the Google Image Search Results. This is done by the PR of a particular domain. If you want to increase the site traffic via images, make sure to add alt tags in the images. This will help in promoting your website.

6. Shop results
At times, Google delivers shopping results. Best products ever such as “You can Win” by Shiv Khera appear in such Google shopping results due to their prominence.

7. Top Brands gets the highest preference.
Google gives preference to websites that are well in place. There are several brands that will improve your traffic if you write about them – amazon, facebook, flipkart etc.

8. Google News
Hunt Google Trends and hunt for a subject that suits you. Write a nice, quality article which Google feels proud to rank. This article will have the ability to draw huge amount of traffic to your website.

9. Local Listings in Google
If you have a business, start promoting it in Local Listings. Since Google displays the results of nearby resources, local listings can really help with it. For instance, if I am looking for a furniture store in my area, Google will look up and deliver the nearest stores available at my location.

10. Transactional searches
This means words that also carry a transaction description in them. For instance, if I am looking for a Dell laptop, Google will display the models along with price tags.

11. Safe search
If your content features swear words or adult words such as alcohol, drugs etc., it can down your ranking. How? Suppose I have turned on safe search, then such pages will not appear in my search results. If you want to improve your traffic, make sure to avoid such words.

12. Browsing history
Here is another fact to prove that Google is smarter than us. Google has all the record of the factors you are searching for. In fact, it has a great impact on search results. Google keeps a track of the browsing history and displays pages on top of the search results. The site you visited the most will be displayed on top of the page.

13. 363
How much time does a user spent on your website? That is dwell time. The total number of users/total time spent on the page is dwell time. If users on your website have a great dwell time, your domain will be deemed a quality website. This can increase the ranking. Note that a quality website is always on top of the search results. Hence, make sure to write long posts, relevant and quality content to increase the dwell time.

Attributes of blog content to gain traffic

14. Google Toolbar data
Many best bloggers believe that Google uses Toolbar data to determine the ranking of a website. This fact has been confirmed by them that indeed Google uses the Toolbar to decide a quality website.

15. Google Chrome bookmarks
Since Chrome is the browser of Google (obviously), they know the links bookmarked by readers. This will put a quality website on top of search engines.

16. Blocked website
If you are post adulterated content or content that is spiteful to users, they can block you. More the blocking, less the traffic. This will ultimately lead to an all time disaster of your website. Always ensure that your website is so good that users actually love to bookmark them.

17. Bounce Rate
If the bounce rate shoots up all of a sudden, it means there is something messed up in the website. However, not many agree with such instance.

18. Direct traffic
Stating the obvious, Google Chrome is aware of what users are looking for. It is also aware of how many users are visiting your website. The website that has more direct traffic are placed in a much better SERP position. Hence, make sure that your domain name is easy to remember. This will make people visit your site straightaway by typing the url. Owning a quality content is equally important for increasing conversion.

19. Repeated traffic
Since you are putting it out there, Google can also check on whether a visitor is coming back to your site or not. Websites where users visit often are claimed to have high page ranking and increased traffic.

20. Social shares
Google scrutinizes the overall social shares your website page has got and then decides the search rankings.

21. Google+ accounts
Google has a special place for those who have more followers on Google plus.

22. Number of Google+I’s
While Google claims they don’t believe in +I’s, think about it. Why would they negate such a crucial factor that can help in determining a PR?

23. Twitter active
Pages that receive more tweets are placed on high ranking. Yes, Google does check this factor.

24. Pay your tax
As per an article in Moz, Google loves a domain that pays tax for business.

25. Social Media followers
A social media with 1000 followers and 2 post does not sound good. However, 50 posts and 1000 followers sound pretty real to Google. They also base the PR keeping in mind such issues. So put some real stuff out there.

26. Linkedin
A business that has profiles on professional social network such as Linkedin gets good trust factor than other networks.


27. Unnatural links
If there is a sudden flow of weird and unnatural looking links to your domain, Google can demote your site.

28. Meta Tag spam
If you stuff your keywords in meta tags, you are sure to get penalized by Google. Use only few keywords. Google is smart enough to autonomously drive the traffic by scanning your page.

29. Too many ads
Too many ads with only less content to show will be penalized by Google.

30. Unnecessary popups
We all hate unwanted popups. While some are acceptable, too many popus can kill your domain.

31. Too much SEO
While SEO is good, don’t go overboard. For instance, linking each and every keyword on an article can be irritating to Google. It deems it as a poor website. If you are serious about page ranking, take care of SEO in a proper manner.

32. Giving links to a bad neighbor
This means giving away a good link to another website without knowing that their website is too filled of spam. At such instance, Google will not only put them on low rating but your website as well.

33. Manual Penalty
Believe it or not, Google is known to have manually penalized a website called Interflora. You don’t want to be in that position, trust me.

Google penality

34. Html errors
If your domain has too many html errors, it shows the search engines that the quality of your website is quite low. Google will rank you down while search results thus pulling down the traffic as well. Resolve such issues at the earliest.

35. Real sites vs. Splogs
Google gives predominant value to a brand. They will simply give low ranks to fake blogs or blogs with much low content.

36. Bot-readable pages
Backlinks from bot readable pages possess much more importance than urls that are not bot-readable.

I have tried summing up the prominent Tips and tricks of 2016. I hope you will enjoy the post. Cheers!!!

Got any other tips up your sleeves? Feel free to pen it down here. Opinions are always welcome.

Author :  Sam