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Content Marketing Strategies Within Smaller Budget

Whether one believes it or not, content marketing has its share of businesses’ success, be it small to medium to large scale industries. Those who are new into start-ups might not know this but advertising your product is equally important as is selling your innovation. In fact, selling cannot be possible if there is no audiences’ reach. And, yes, Content Marketing is costly! But this does not imply that low budget option isn’t possible at all. So, let’s get started with limited budget content marketing methods.

1. Create a blog and start writing it yourself – Creating a blog from sites like WordPress isn’t difficult. WordPress is the most popular of all because of its user-friendly approach and so anybody can create a website by just few clicks. This doesn’t ask much of your time. It has the provision of free themes (or nearly free) that appear relevant for most sites. Some themes have cost being written over there itself, which you can easily buy, if you think you can afford it.
You may then also start writing blogs something relevant to the site you own. Do not forget to follow the basic SEO rules. If you do not know what SEO is then have a research on it first then come up with a good idea.

2. Post every week at least one blog – Be consistent in updating your blog. It is best that you write a few blogs in advance and upload when there is the right time. It takes around few hours in writing a good content of 500 words. Rest is all based on the type of topic you have chosen and time you take to research on it. If you have decided to write two blogs in a week, you need to be consistent with this approach. This is the way to remind Google that your site has importance.

3. Bookmarking on social networking sites – Everyone has a different approach on this matter. Some prefer the bookmarking right after the main site’s blog update, which is sometimes manually done OR synchronized with the main blog. This means one could opt for the updates on websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. just after his/her own site’s blog update, either automatically or manually. Some prefer 2-3 days later on the other sites after their publish on the main site.

4. Hire freelancer(s) – It is really a time consuming process to write several articles, blogs, and press releases. A single person cannot do this on a regular basis, especially when he/she owns the company and has to manage countless other stuffs as well.
Some copywriters seek as much as $25,000 for just a few hundred words. There are provisions for low-budget content marketing as well that cost between $5 to $75. On an average, a typical article containing 500 to 800 words costs $20-30. You may search for potential candidates on reputed sites like oDesk, Upwork, etc.

5. Assign your own employees – Assigning one’s own employees is one of the most effective low-budge content marketing solutions, even cheaper than hiring a freelancer. This is because the employees are given fixed salary, no matter what kind of task you give to them. Those who handle the kinds of tasks that are similar to the article writing may easily do this. For instance, you own an IT based firm for outsourcing and some of your employees do the website designing part, you can assign them to write their knowledge in their own words and publish those written articles once in a week.

What’s next
Try to upload your contents more frequently. Now the term “content” does not always imply texts but also videos, images, audios, etc. You can additionally add such kinds of contents in your webpage to bring-in more views. The contents may just not only be needed to get bookmarked in Facebook and Twitter but could also be uploaded in the form of YouTube videos. In fact, YouTube provides its own video Search Engine Optimization strategies that we also call video SEO.
Once your company reaches to the expected levels you may then hire a content marketing firm that does the rest of upcoming work. It is costly to go for it and in addition to this you are bound to be dependent on this firm due to long-term contract, whether or not you are satisfied with its work. Choose the firm wisely since the quality will be based on your choice and that decision shouldn’t be too quick without research. The best part to hiring a firm is – no worries of planning what is to be done next. The firm plans, manages and executes itself what’s and how’s of Search Engine Optimization. The costly content marketing, in general, usually takes over everything, planning, making strategies, executing, writing blogs, press releases, and what not!