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It won’t be fair if we wait for our business to grow on its own, particularly in this Digital advertising era when people are going notably over choosing different types of methods to reach people.

What types of digital advertising should you be utilizing for your business to flourish? The size of your company is not a matter, advertising is the only way you are going to draw sales and attention. Creating content to advertise can be a test but it can also be amazingly easy with the proper media.

We are going to tell you all about the different types of digital advertising methods and when it is suitable to apply them in this article.


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Types of Digital Advertising to Grow Your Business

1. Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is one of the most commonly known types of digital advertising to grow your business that incorporates Pay Per Click or PPC advertisements. PPC advertisements enable you to build your own customized advertisements, set accounts, and view metrics once your ads are live and operating.

In PPC there are two kinds of ads that you can operate on search engines such as Google Search ads and display ads.

Search ads exhibit when a user types a keyword into a search engine. This type of ad is very focus-oriented and they are located at the top of the search result pages. By setting these ads, you can determine the keywords that people would use to discover you.

It means you can be seen by prospective customers while they are actively attempting to get your product or service. Though the disadvantage of this ad type is that it can be very expensive as there will be more adversaries who will bid for the equivalent keywords.

People who come across your search ads may already be looking for your product or something alike. But they may not be aware of your brand, so it will take time to convince your reliability to them. But PPC will slowly make you familiar to them.

Display ads are advertisements that appear on other sites. The likely customers who see display ads are being targeted after exploring for a product or service or just fall to land on a website that holds display ads.

Typically when employing display ads you will be marketing to people who may not know that your brand exists which means you will be focusing on creating brand awareness.

2. Social Media Ads

Within social media ads, there are various types of digital advertising campaigns that you as a marketing person maybe knowing or using.

You can manage ads on LinkedIn, Pinterest and even YouTube. You can advertise on these platforms to create leads, drive sales, build brand awareness, and spread towards all kinds of people.

All of these platforms are excellent but Facebook and Instagram are on lead positions to put ads right now.

Facebook is one popular advertising platform. Every common person knows about it. You can create ads using Facebook’s Ads Manager and effortlessly combine these same ads onto Instagram.

Facebook is great if you are looking to improve your brand’s perceptibility. You can aim in particular demographics, places or even interests that your customers have.

With Facebook, there are many distinct types of ads you can go for depending on the target of your business. You can arrange ads especially for lead generation, conversions, or app installs.

Facebook ads quickly blend into users’ feeds. Very smoothly, in fact that you may not notice how many ads you are viewing on social media every day.

Instagram ads also integrate right into the platform itself. It can be tough to identify ads from routine posts at first sight because they look like a normal post only.

It seems just like a regular part of your feed but they are paid for it to show up. The user has the opportunity to engage with the ad by liking, commenting, sharing, etc.

Since Instagram is a mobile platform, your advertisements will only be promoted to mobile users. Even though there is a desktop version but Instagram ads will not be displayed to desktop users.

This is where Facebook advertising has a benefit over Instagram advertising. Your ads will be displayed in their newsfeed on desktop and mobile and can also be exhibited on a sidebar.

Do good market research to see where your best customers are spending their time and which social media platforms they favor.

Our best advice is to use both platforms as some people are only using either Facebook or Instagram.

3. Remarketing/Retargeting Advertising

Ever wondered how the internet understands that you want to buy a particular product? That workout outfit from Amazon keeps showing up on every website, Facebook and Instagram feed!

This type of digital advertising is known as remarketing or retargeting. Once a user checks out something then you can gather that data to use to your service in the future.

Businesses targeting customers again and again through emails as well as through social media and search engine marketing, that the method in short.

Some customers think emails or social media posts that are retargeting them are a hint that they should buy that product. This is how retargeting works.

Social media retargeting ads can take several forms. You can also offer a discount for a product that a customer has already viewed. This can be done in the form of a social media ad or an email or both!

In order to retarget you will require to assemble data from your customers. This means that you will want to have analytics and tracking set up on your site.

This is as easy as pasting a snippet of code onto your website. The more retargeting you can perform, the more beneficial it is. If your customers see products that they have seen in every possible place, they will finally make their way back to your site for buying the same.

4. Video Ads

While it’s mostly a part of social media advertising, video ads can be in their own kind when we discuss types of digital advertising.

People do not spend more time watching anything. A short attention span is a matter to consider now. And this is why video is governing digital advertising. Video lets people understand content efficiently and without any overthinking.

Using videos instead of text ads can be of a visible change for your business. You can use it to quickly engage with your audience.

Creating video advertisements may seem complicated, but in the long run, they deserve it. We live in a time of instantaneous satisfaction. If you can give your customers data they want as hastily, they will hear what you have to say. Video ads on social media platforms are evolving and are probably already ruling your news feeds.

5. The significant first ad campaign

Organizing your first set of advertisements can be intimidating. With the proper tools, you will be on your way to creating a flourishing ad that transforms.

The first thing you will want to do is to pick a platform. Remembering that you are going to end up using the money on any of these platforms we discussed.

When it comes to the cost, the thing is, online advertising is the most affordable form of advertising compared to traditional advertising. Your ads need to be attractive no matter what policies you choose. When you have completed building your first ad show it to some of your close friends’ circle.

If you have made an ad that you would click and now your friends would also click, then you are good to go!

Next in the row is to be careful not to get stuck on the same idea. Begin out with various ad sets to see which one works the best. Search ads need creative writing that will bring in potential customers while the image needs to be graphically correct. Examine each of them to see which works best for your business. Keep a budget and adhere to it. You don’t want to be a spendthrift.

With all these convenient advertising strategies, it can be tough to confirm which are the best suit for your business and budget.

For instance, if you have a modest business with a comparatively low marketing budget, you may want to commence with low-cost options that you can do within your limited facilities, like social media, SEO, and email marketing campaigns.

If you have more adaptability, however, we suggest using as many strategies as possible to build a comprehensive one. When you use various methods, you’ll be ready to reach more customers.

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