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Mobile app development is one of the most growing businesses around the world. According to some studies, the worldwide mobile app revenue was about $365 billion in 2018 and expected to reach $581.9 billion by 2020. This growing trend conceived a high pressure on mobile app companies to strive and grow to advance.

Many of these firms are following a common route to outsource mobile app development as it requires technical expertise and vast knowledge. If the outsourcing resources are chosen carefully, the results will be marvelous with lessened cost and time. Whereas some corporations take the leap into outsourcing mobile app without knowing the dark traps.

It’s really essential to figure out some mistakes the enterprises make while choosing a mobile app outsourcing company. Let’s have a comprehensive look at the mistakes enterprises make while outsourcing mobile app development


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Mistakes Enterprises Make While Outsourcing Mobile App Development

1. Hiring a Wrong Team

The mobile app development is so competitive these days. There are companies mushrooming just for the process that may not have enough expertise still ask for more costs. Outsourcing is a crucial decision that will have a long-lasting influence on your product as well as the company.

It needs patience and so takes enough time and effort for checking the portfolio of the resources, interviewing the developers to evaluate their skills, knowledge about the most advanced trends and experience in the field and more.

Choosing a company in rush or with someone giving unreasonable suggestions will lead to double the tasks later. Select and outsource an experienced company that is reliable, responsible, reasonable and fits into your vision of product or company.

2. Lack Of or Wrong Communication

One may have hired the best fit but it does not guarantee that it will present the final product at the specified date. The possibility of error is always there. It happens mostly due to lack of communication or some kind of communication error.

So, it is good to avoid that communication gap in the initial stage itself. Get in synchronization with the outsource team through instant communication. Ways like phone calls, emails, chats, etc. bypass the language and cultural barriers.

The mobile app industry is a global marketplace where a customer in the US or UK can pick a team from India. It can influence the planned plans and deadlines of the projects.

While outsourcing, ensure that the company is compliant to implement stable and prompt real-time communication. The complete transparency between the client and mobile app outsourcing company helps to secure a long-term business relationship.

3. Failure to Clarify Specifications

One of the basic mistakes enterprises makes is to cite example apps to outsourcing company instead of summarizing the specifications and functionalities.

You must be very clear about technical and business terms including features, backend, platform compatibility, wireframes, uploading app, mockups, future updates, and more at the beginning itself. Developers should also understand the UX requirements and project deadlines before starting the work.

4. Negotiating the Quality of Production

Expense and time are the two main factors of mobile application development outsourcing. When you approach resources with the lowest quotations, quality may be the thing that is being compromised. It is always more beneficial to spend in a team of skilled developers even with little higher costs to compete in the mobile app development industry.

The expense can be cut down by a decent breakdown of the budget, concentrating on the proposed hours, the pricing of individual highlights, etc. If you have a low budget, don’t negotiate the quality rather make it clear at the outset of the project to find out a practical solution.

5. Disbelieving the Developers

Once you have thoughtfully hired a mobile app outsourcing company, the next step is to give them peace and encouragement, show them your trust. Mutual trust is a key factor for a triumphant workflow.

There is no necessity to know every small detail as unnecessary interference can build distrust among the developers. Let them do their work while making the timelines at the beginning stages. Get connected only when needed and enable them to come up with a result best of their talents.

6. Inadequate Testing

To avoid the uncertainty of app failure, an app should be tested accurately before launching. All the work will go useless if the app is filled with bugs. Ensure that the developers test the app at the different stages of the development to verify its performance.

It can be a dangerous undertaking for the company’s reputation to launch the app without testing it well. Developers should follow the whole SDLC for the proper functionality of the app.

7. Lack of Post-Launch Maintenance

Sometimes the new firms put all efforts into developing the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and pay no regard to the post-launch maintenance. The post-release period is fairly critical to improving the customer’s lifetime value (LTV) for total app performance. It follows the features that are not engaging and not participating at all to increase LTV.

Hence, make sure that the mobile app outsourcing company gives you enough post-launch support so that non-performing features can be withdrawn and new features can be combined based on the review of users.

As a business owner, mobile application outsourcing can be unpredictable and potentially dangerous. One needs to be more careful if he/she is new to the mobile industry. Though mobile application outsourcing can be as simple as saying by avoiding the presented mistakes.

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