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In recent years technology have advanced to an extra level. Since it improved mobile app development, mobile marketing, mobile app marketing, etc. they are not a new term for the people out there.

Mobile app marketers focus on smartphone users to make them aware of the app through personalized notifications or advertisements at regular intervals.

The below content will lead you to the different aspects of mobile app marketing and helps you to find a step-by-step guide to market your mobile app effectively.


Just assume you own a business and want to sell a product or service. For selling the product or service, you can’t just approach the customer directly and ask them to buy it. You have to ascertain a strategy that can grab the recognition of your consumers. In simple words, this is what we call marketing.

So, marketing means getting potential clients or customers who are fascinated with your product or service. Researching, promoting, selling, and distribution of products or services are the mainstream properties of marketing.

Importance of Marketing

  • We need marketing as it efficiently helps in engaging customers.
  • It assists us in building and maintaining the company’s reputation.
  • Through marketing, we can develop a relationship between the customers and the business.
  • Marketing keeps a proper channel that keeps the customers informed.
  • Sales get boosted through marketing techniques, and we get insights for our business.
  • It creates a variety of revenue options for the business.

Mobile App Marketing

We have seen what marketing is, what mobile marketing is, then

what exactly is mobile app marketing?

It is a kind of marketing that focuses on app promotion. To be more precise, mobile app marketing make sure the maximum retention and engagement of users who have already downloaded the app.

Importance of Mobile App Marketing

  • Every marketing approaches are valuable, why would you think, mobile app marketing is trending?
  • Mobile app marketing is essential as it gives more solid brand recognition.
  • It acts as an added income for the business.
  • Enhanced customer engagement and customer acquisition are the essential parts of mobile app marketing.

How to market your mobile app

1. Before introducing the app

Have you ever thought why trailers are out for show before the film is released?

It is because they want us to be very impatient for the release of the app. When the trailer of frozen 2 released, it created a great deal of anticipation among the viewers, and people were eagerly waiting for the release. The mobile app marketers also want to bring such an essence into the app release.

So, the laid down points tells you what to do with the app before it gets launched.

  • Carry Out Pre-Launch Marketing

Pre-launch marketing is the best marketing strategy you can use when your app is ready to be launched. We tend to advertise pre-launch marketing as it will create anticipation amongst the users before launching.

  • Determine a release date

Preparing in advance will give you enough time to plan for your app’s firm launch and enables you to predict and emergencies that may occur.

  • Research Your Target Market

Before you proceed with your pre-launching strategies, make sure to run research on your target market. If you launch your app without any research, it won’t reach the correct audience, and your app will face failure.

  • Test your app before launching.

It doesn’t matter how great your app is, because a single mistake can ruin the impression of your user. So, make sure to test your app again and again before launching. Let your colleagues who haven’t seen the app test it for you to confirm its perfect.

  • Conduct a competitive analysis

The correct analysis will help you to make improvements to your app. Make sure that you don’t make any of the mistakes that they have created. Make a comparative analysis by selecting five other top competitors with whom you can compare their prevailing price, monetization model, app store ranking, user experience pros and cons, and striking reviews.

  • Create a website or landing page

It is essential to create a website or landing page for your app, as it can assist us in promoting our app, and people can look at how our app works.

  • Promote on social media

Social media have become an inevitable part of marketing as it can reach thousands of people. The social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube) helps in getting you near the target audience.

  • Create a content marketing strategy

Start writing blogs as it can help you backup your app even before launching. Create blogs on random subjects, and when the app gets launched, boast about the features of the app.

2. After launching the app

Many marketers think that after launching the app, their work is over. But that will be their biggest mistake because that’s when they have to market the product very aggressively.

If you want more and more people to use the app, keep on improving the app performance.

You will get a clear picture of the above statements when you go through these points.

  • Promote on social media

Social media promotion is something to be done before and after the app gets launched. In the lifetime of an app, social media marketing acts as an inevitable part, as the influence of social media on people is getting higher and higher.

  • Ask user feedbacks

Ask the user’s feedback as it plays a vital role in improving the app performance and helps you in involving your users more to the app. And ask for feedback from existing users.

  • Offer a referral bonus

Offering a referral bonus is a fabulous marketing technique. When an app offers a bonus for referring your friends, you will mention your friend.

Are you familiar with google pay?

They give away money to people who invite their friends to install the app and start a payment.

  • Keep on marketing

Once your app is famous, don’t think that your work is complete. Keep on updating the app, ask for feedback, fix bugs, and do everything you can to make your app more and more perfect.


As we wrap up, do keep this in mind that always make your marketing ideas diversified. Your strategy should be dynamic with iteration. You should also follow continual optimization for finding the perfect balance of different approaches.

All you need is a qualified marketing budget, well-thought-out experience, some fizzle generating content, and a bolt of innovation.

Furthermore, tell us about your mobile app marketing experience. We will be eagerly waiting for your valuable comments and feedbacks.

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