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Web designers use various skills and practices in the creation and support of websites. The separate areas of web design include web graphic design, authoring, interface design, including search engine optimization, user experience design and many more. Graphic designers create and join symbols, images, and text to form visual representations of ideas and messages. They use typography, visual arts and page layout techniques to produce visual compositions.

Earlier we have discussed about Best open source tools for web designers, now we will move to the best plugins used by graphic designers and web designers to create websites and apps.

Plugins that are useful for Web designing in WordPress:

WordPress is an awesome product. WordPress’ power comes from the huge number of ways in which we can alter, develop and reconstruct it through the apps out there.

DragDropr – Visual Editor

DragDropr lets web designers create, edit and design the content for their website, webshop, or any other web content just by dragging and dropping. DragDropr fits all regardless of which CMS they use.

The DragDropr doesn’t ask one to have prior knowledge or coding skills, they can create entire pages, or immediately change any present content with an easy drag & drop action. Just log in to the account and edit the required.

All the modifications a designer make will be saved as the actual HTML code. This helps to improve their SEO and enables to change the theme or template directly. They can run on their content without any difficulties or visual bugs.


Now we’ll move to the next plugin for web designing. Typography is a major part of web design and with Google Web Fonts you can go much extra than the default system fonts. That’s precisely why Fontea was created, to assist web designers to craft appealing typography without relying on pre-installed font groups.

With Fontea you can choose from hundreds of Google fonts absolutely free. These can all be inserted into your websites, so they are ideal for any project. And you can instantly flip between various styles without downloading anything.

HTML Block

The free HTML Block plugin allows you to write code and transform that straight into elements in Photoshop. This is like the opposite of a code exporting plugin since you can now import code right to Photoshop files.

Developers will definitely like this plugin since it’s usually simpler to design buttons, menus, and columns with CSS first. If you prefer coding over Photoshop’s shape tools and layer effects, then installing this plugin will spare a good time of yours.

PS Pen Panel

Photoshop was not intended to be a vector editing tool. But, it does have these tools and it’s one of the best methods to design vector parts for the web.

The big issue is shifting between different pen tools and opening the preferences menu to change the “Snap Vector Tools” setting on/off. The PS Pen Panel solves this issue completely.

It’s a free plugin that combines a new panel into the GUI. This panel is done for vector designers that constantly craft icons in Photoshop rather than Illustrator. It may take some time to adapt to, but it will rush up your workflow.


If you want to copy of a layer in Photoshop you can always duplicate it with the click of a button. But you’ve never been able to copy a layer from one file and paste it into another file.

This simple free plugin adds full copy/paste support for any layers you want to transfer into other PS files.

Usually, you’d have to drag & drop the layers, and this can be a hard work trying to match your cursor over the particular Photoshop file tab. With this plugin, you just choose the layer and copy/paste using Copio’s keyboard shortcuts. Designing in Photoshop is easier with this plugin.

Plugins that are useful for designing in Photoshop:

In graphic design or photo editing, Adobe Photoshop comes as a first preference. The Adobe Suite is one of the most common and convincing collections of tools for designers and photo editors, extensively used by specialists as well as beginners, alike. Adobe does a lot of the heavy tasks in manipulating designs and images, Photoshop, Lightroom and Illustrator. It is also fitted with a long list of third-party plugins that can run the tool’s effectiveness.

The following describes some of the best Photoshop plugins open to graphic designers.


Let’s begin with InVision Craft which is considered as the greatest plugin for the purpose. It can be used for Photoshop and Sketch, both of which offer the same characteristics.

Craft is more like a library of plugins with various features blended. You can design prototypes, automate duplicate content, and automatically sync design sources to the cloud. All these can be done from the Craft plugin panel.

This plugin is free and will continue so. I suggest utilizing CRAFT and see how it enhances your digital workflow.


ON1 Effects is a simple one-click panel in Photoshop, which also performs well as a standalone app. Basically, it works as a viable option to Adobe’s collection of graphic design software offerings. This Photoshop plugin enables you to add effects to your images and it arrives with a diverse selection of filters, including alterable contrasts and an HDR effect.

Users can select from the classic filters, for instance, vignette and cinematic styles, and add them on top of different layers. Filters can be easily piled together and arranged for quick customization.


Adobe Photoshop is a comprehensive program for mockups due to its layer composition feature. These let you restyle interfaces with a variety of colors, user states, and features while retaining them all in one document. The composer takes layer comps to the next level. This plugin allows you to update similar elements over all layer comps so that you don’t require to go through them separately. So now you have a logo in the top-left corner of four separate layer comps. You want to move it to the centre. Traditionally you’d want to drag it across the screen for each layer comp four times. With Composer you choose all layer comps, move the logo and that’s it.

Pexels plugin

One of the most important resources that designers require for their projects is a wide supply of stock images at their disposal. Normally, you’ll need these images for background improvement, textures, or maybe just some experimentation. Bonus points if you can get unfettered passage to royalty-free stock images.

Pexels.com is an excellent resource when it comes to free stock images. The website also gives designers a free plugin for your Photoshop installation, allowing easy access to its photo library without asking you to open a new window or a need to download images.

By attaching this plugin to Photoshop, you can browse images according to their fame, images that have been freshly added to the website, or by using specific tags and search terms, depending on the necessities of your projects.


This blog will be incomplete without naming one code exporting tool. CSS3Ps is apparently the best free option out there with full support for advanced CSS3 properties. First, your design elements in Photoshop, then choose those layers and click the CSS3Ps button.

It will automatically produce pure CSS3 code with classes to remake those elements on your page. This serves on everything from text layers to buttons, and it even encourages multiple layers together.

RH Hover color picker

When working in Photoshop, designers require effortless access to a wide range of color, which is why Adobe introduces a color picker as an element of their standard interface panel. But, users also want the choice to see a full, open view of the project they are serving on. RH Hover Color Picker only displays when you hover over its reduced version. When you go back to designing, it will automatically cover.

Fontself Maker

There are several free fonts accessible online but many UI/UX designers favour to have a different and original typeface for their project. If you want to build your own fonts, Fontself Maker for Photoshop CC is a plugin worth holding.

Fontself runs with both Photoshop and Illustrator CC. This Photoshop plugin enables you to turn your lettering into Open Type fonts. Just drag and drop layers to design characters, get colors, textures, or shades.


If your brand of design spins round editing photos, then Luminar is the perfect Photoshop plugin for you. The tool works as another Lightroom offshoot and appears with over 300 powerful tools comprising filters, many one-click presets, and the Accent AI filter.

Mac users were experiencing the Luminarc for a long time, recently it became available to other PC users like Windows 7 and above. Luminar offers built-in workspaces provided with a supervised workflow that can assist designers to get your projects done more efficiently. Some of Luminar’s notable features include Object removal, Easy sky replacement, Customized workspace and Masking and presets.

Depending on what type of design you do and what effects you’re trying to achieve, there are absolutely many Photoshop plugins to choose from. The point is that you’re not restricted to using Photoshop’s stock tools for all of your editing requirements.

Sometimes, a little outside aid is just the thing you need to get the designing job done right.

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