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When it comes to purchasing a phone one definitely wants the complete detail so as to decide which handset he would be interested in. The price of both of these phones are higher than the general ones, so the cost is not an issue. The price vary as per the version of handset. Now let us see what the difference is between an iPhone 6S and Google Nexus 6P.

Apple iPhone 6S vs Google Nexus 6P

Both iPhone and Nexus feature aluminum bodies and offer four different colors. Space Grey, Rose Gold, Gold and Silver for iPhone and Frost, Aluminum, Graphite and Gold are provided by Nexus. The Gold color for Nexus is currently available in Japan only. The thickness of Nexus 6P is 0.2 mm thicker than regular iPhone 6S. Its screen is relatively bigger as well. The iPhone has 4.7 inches screen whereas the Nexus has 5.7 inches screen. Since there is a negligible difference as per their thickness both of them are considered thin only. The models of iPhone come up with 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB hard disk whereas Nexus starts from 32 GB then 64 GB and then 128 GB models. The RAM of Nexus is better. It has 3 GB RAM whereas iPhone has 2 GB RAM.

Google Nexus 6P has a better display if it is compared to Apple iPhone 6S. The resolution obviously is far better in Nexus, which is 2560 X 1440 with 518 pixels per inch (ppi). Apple’s iPhone has 1334 X 750 with 326 pixels per inch (ppi). Both front and rear camera in the case of Google Nexus is better. It has 8 MP front camera and 12.3 MP rear camera with 1.55 micron pixels Sony sensor whereas the iPhone has 5 MP front camera and 12 MP rear camera. Both of them are capable to shoot 4K video.

The iPhone has some new features like live photos. A person can take fractional seconds’ snap with additional audio and video facility so that the result comes up with real-time image. Moreover, one may upload his live photos to Facebook and Instagram in order to share some moments with the world. This feature doesn’t exist in Nexus or any other smartphone yet. Also iPhone has introduced 3D touch screen facility – Peek and Pop. With the help of Peek feature the user may sneak into whatever he wants to open with a light touch. If he touches the screen for longer duration (Pop) the app or any other function opens. For example, if you want to open a website and if you slightly touch the particular link the phone wouldn’t take you literally to that website but will provide you that in brief like a snapshot. If you aren’t interested you may discard it. The same goes with the emails. Slightly touch the mails and you will get the basic idea of what emails did you get. Touch the screen for longer and you will be able to actually open that mail. Like any other smartphone Google Nexus 6P too follows Tap, Swipe and Pinch in the case of touch screen.

The iphone battery lasts for about 12 hours with mixed usage since it has 1715 mAh battery. Google Nexus on the other hand has nearly double battery capacity, i.e. 3450 mAh, and therefore can go all day long even with heavy usage! As for the Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity both of them work pretty similar.

If you are fond of using a variety of apps and are extremely concerned about the battery back up you must go for Google Nexus 6P. Apple iPhone 6S is for those who need limited features and apps. The Apple phones have the limitation of not getting connected with any other device, except that belong to its own. Both the phones are durable and won’t bother you in just a year. The Google Nexus phones have price comparatively higher but not as high as Apple offers.