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Augmented reality (AR) is a kind of view that is displayed in such a way that the real world exists (and visible through) and is modified with some additional virtual images, graphics, or sounds. This is made possible through smartphones, tablets, glasses, contact lens, etc. By using this method many apps are now made available online that can edit your face with makeup, or one may also see his/her face wearing goggles. This has advantage in case you need to decide which pair of goggles will suit your appearance and which one you must purchase. There are some video games available through which you can clearly see the actual surroundings (through camera) and along with that some extra virtual elements hiding and you must shoot them all. To be more specific just imagine a grocery store where everything you see through glasses or camera lens is seen as it is but you can change their position or rotate them through your software. This doesn’t mean that was actually done but in your software and that is fun!

Now the question is, is AR a threat to our future generations?

Imagine your mother just tweeted about what expensive stuff you bought from the market and the thieves will come to know what is inside your house. Wearing a pair of glasses or contact lens that has a special feature of geographical location or face recognition could be a threat to anyone who does not handle his or her own information with care. Whatever device one uses as a means to augmented reality that data is provided by you directly or indirectly. If you update your phone with your latest current location anyone could seek that data and may harm you in some way. The thieves would know about your absence and presence. You may keep that data a secret and anyone using AR device wouldn’t know anything about you ever.

AR could be a benefit for policemen if they already come to know who has criminal record. The negative side? One may get suspected of no apparent reason because he or she went to jail once upon a time. Think about a person who is homophobic and comes to know every heterosexuals and homosexuals in his town. He may bully or physically harm the homosexual people.

You may see your loved ones who are out of town or even dead at your home doing routine work. The problem would be domination of your psychology in such a way that you might not accept the reality rather happy living a fake life. Suppose you had a break-up with your boyfriend or worse still divorced your husband and you no longer wish to see him. Augmented reality will make that happen so that whenever your ex comes in your way you do not see him and your mind is at peace. AR developers must ensure that an individual must be able to differentiate between a virtual and a real object, else you might end up colliding with your enemy’s house because it doesn’t come in your vision because you chose not to, and everything would be screwed.

The new generation children may start the habit to cheat during examinations since that kind of application is possible in which only a particular person can see the information and not anyone else. People will have to make a balance with the real world and augmented world since we cannot halt the ongoing inventions and science is fun and adventurous, why not try the impossible!