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Storing, retrieving, and managing the constant flow of incoming data used to be hopeless once upon a time. With the regular database management system, an industry might be capable to acquire the data, but cannot do other stuff such as administration, editing, deleting, or even a decent retrieval. Even if it fortunately does, there is limited authenticity that whether or not the tasks being executed must have been carried with full trust.

What is Big Data?

“Big Data” is the way to analyze, extract, or deal with data sets that are too broad or complicated to sort by traditional data-processing application software. Data with many rows offer greater statistical power, while data with higher complexity may lead to a higher false discovery rate.

Big data challenges involve obtaining the data, storing it, searching, sharing, analyzing, querying, transferring, visualizing, updating, information privacy, and data source. Big data was formerly connected with three key ideas: Volume, Variety, and Velocity.

When we manage big data, we may not test but simply watch and track what results. Hence, big data often involves data with sizes that surpass the range of traditional usual software to process within an agreeable time and value.

Big data has the potential to equip companies with important insights into their customers which can be applied to improve marketing campaigns and procedures and enhance customer engagement and growth rates. Brands and businesses who use big data endure an ambitious influence over those who disregard the data since they have the capability to make faster and more learned business decisions.

Moreover, big data allows companies to become more customer-centric. Past and real-time data can be applied to evaluate the evolving choices of customers, consequently enabling businesses to update and change their marketing strategies and become more receptive to customer requests and requirements.

Importance of Big Data in Business

Businesses collect data from many sources such as sales transactions and social media and saving this endless data was a problem in the past. Now, big data technologies began storing data into more manageable way.

Velocity in big data means real-time data. Data flowed in real time must be administered quickly. Variety in big data refers to the different formats of data such as text, video, image, and audio. Businesses should be capable to order and store data in all formats.

Now that we have an idea about what big data is, let’s try to learn what big data indicates for businesses and why it is important for them.

  • Know the market conditions: By analyzing big data, current market conditions can be learned in detail. For example: by analyzing customers’ purchasing habits, a business can find out the products that are sold the most and build its future products according to this inclination. As a result, it can lead the competition.
  • Understand consumers better: A business can know its customers thoroughly with the help of big data analysis. It can foretell what its customers want in advance and present them better service in extension to better products. Additionally, businesses can reduce customer grievances simply using big data tools, since these tools can automatically identify negative comments on social media. All these make you a better brand.
  • Manage your online status: Big data tools can do viewpoint analysis. Hence, you can get more reviews from various sources. If you want to watch and enhance the online appearance of your business then big data tools are compulsory for you.
  • Cost-efficient: Applying big data tools may be costly at the inception but it will ultimately save entrepreneurs a lot of money. Big data tools overcome the burden of IT staff since they are real-time systems. Hence, you can use these resources someplace and make more profit from that. Also, collecting large amounts of data is much more manageable using big data technologies, more importantly, the data you collect will be perfect because big data tools have considerably reduced the chance of inaccurate data.

Examples of Business and Other Usages of Big Data

Big Data Analytics is used to generate various reports. Let’s go through some of the industries that are the best examples of the practical application of Big Data.

  1. Fraud Management Report which is commonly practiced in Banking Sectors to detect the fraud transactions, hacking, unauthorized access to the account and more.
  2. Live Tracking Report which is usually utilized by Transport Sectors such as Uber, Meru, Ola, etc. to track the vehicles, customer requests, payment, emergency alert, and to find the daily requirements and resources.
  3. Sales Report and Ultimate target and goal analysis which are mostly used by all sectors to analyze their sales, revenues, and requirements of customers and also used to determine the future target and so on.
  4. Many reports based on live data are often utilized to handle live data in many entertainment sites, share market, real-time Sensex data, etc.
  5. Google Analytics report is an important example where we can get the count of visitors, their locations, devices being used to access the site, and so on.
  6. Many Healthcare Organizations these days began Big Data predictive analytics to enhance people’s health. It has been utilized to renew many protocols of Healthcare Sectors and also employed to develop the results upon the whole society.
  7. Big Data Analytics also played an important role in many emergency circumstances. In the year April 2015 earthquake killed and also wounded many people in Nepal. In this situation, North Carolina-based SAS has been generated by Analytics which played a large role in rescue and relief services.
  8. Big Data Analytics has been applied in Online and Physical Security to recognize illegal activities, take various steps to prevent crime, introduced real-time monitoring to decrease fraud activities and also installing alarms against questionable actions.

Big Data-Backed Companies

Netflix and Facebook

Netflix is a good example of a big brand utilizing big data analytics for targeted promotion. The company collects huge data, with over 100 million subscribers, which is the key to obtaining the industry status that they boost.

If you are a subscriber, you might be knowing their method of showing suggestions for the next movie you should watch. Fundamentally, this is achieved with your past search as well as watch data. This data is applied to give them insights on what pleases the subscriber the most. Just like that Facebook also shows some friend suggestions and promotional content to you.


Big technology companies and online retail giant – Amazon – has access to a huge amount of data on its consumers and search histories. While this information is certainly put to use in promoting algorithms, Amazon also uses the data to enhance customer relations.

You might have noticed when you query something with customer care that they already know about all the happenings. The system allows for a faster, more dynamic customer service experience that doesn’t involve having to spell out your name three times.


Starbucks opens many branches in the same place without loss. How? The coffeehouse giant utilizes big data to discover the possible success of each new location, taking knowledge of the location, traffic, area demographics, and customer behavior into a report.

Performing this kind of evaluation before opening a store suggests Starbucks can make a reasonably reliable calculation of what the profit rate will be and pick locations based on the capacity via revenue growth.

General Electric (GE)

GE is yet another big organization making use of big data. They are using the data from sensors on machinery like gas turbines and jet engines to recognize ways to develop working methods and safety. The reports of the results are then transferred to GE’s analytics team to develop tools and changes for improved productivity.

Records are proving that the reforms were always there and will never stop to exist. Just the thing is, big data has made many organizations’ life more prosperous because of the countless advantages it offers. No matter what kind of business you own, small or large, your data needs to be stored with the latest security, and you also need to analyze the real-time data that you get from other sources as a method to improvise.

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