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A Window to Passaddhi- Documentary by Nisha
Open the windows, There’s more light still available in the
nature … Let it in ….

“Our solutions are in the nature”, this was the theme for this years international biodiversity day. This theme has a lot of meaning today. We all got a sudden and
unexpected pause to our life with the ongoing lock down, And the impact it has had on each one of us is different. But one thing which is common for all of us is that we are blessed with the luxury of time for this short while, even if there’s restriction on the free movement of people, we all have the privacy and time to look at our surroundings and neighbourhood and all that it has to offer us as flora and fauna. Our dear colleague Nisha K S with her friends captured the beautiful world they saw from their windows to in their documentary “A window to passaddhi”.The pleasing portrayal of nature that is observed through the window panes communicate to the world that the solution to all our worries are in nature and we only need to take some time to get out there and explore the wilderness.  Download PDF to read News Letter.