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Science has proved it again that nothing is impossible! Brain is a wonder and its working an amazement for humans, we all know that root of any action performed by the body is brain. Brain is the commanding head, it passes signals to different parts of the body and accordingly the body carries out the various actions. Till now your brain was controlling only your body, but imagine if you can control an entire computer system with just your thoughts?! Amazing wouldn’t it be ?! The question is can this really happen? and the answer is an unequivocal YES!Now you can control a complete computer system using your brain. How? with the help of one of the biggest breakthrough in the field of science- The BCI (Brain-Computer Interface). The main purpose of BCI (Brain-Computer Interface) is a communication bridge between devices and brain, a bridge through which signals from the brain will be passed to the devices.

BCI, Brain Computer Interface

The Working of BCI Technology

The neurons are the message carriers that catches the signal from brain and transmit it to the different parts of the body, receiving which the body starts its action. The same is the process followed by BCI (Brain-Computer Interface), it takes the signals transmitted by neurons in the brain and pass it on to the device to perform actions. To catch the electrical signals from the brain EEG (electroencephalograph) is used. These electrodes are efficient and capable of reading the electrical signals transmitted by brain. The signals passed from the brain into the BCI and from there to computer are then interpreted using a  computer program. The BCI system can be of great use for the people having motor impairments. For. eg. The BCI technology can be used in electronic wheelchairs, the paralyzed person will be able to move around by controlling the wheel chair through brain commands.

The Devices that can be handled using BCI
All computer controllable devices can be handled using the Brain-Computer Interface. Electronic Wheelchairs, Prosthetic etc are some devices that can be managed using the BCI systems.

The other names for Brain-computer Interface
(DNI) Direct Neural Interface
(BMI)Brain Machine Interface
(MMI) Mind-Machine Interface
(SMI) Synthetic Telepathy Interface

Types of Brain-Computer Interface
Invasive BCI
Partial Invasive BCI
NOn-Invasive BCI