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After around two decades it is believed that almost all kinds of automobiles will not have any wheels. This is because the ever-emerging traffic in the countries like India will be in a saturated state and no space would be left to drive. The concept of cars with no wheels is in mind since most engineers and researchers are aware of the future damage that could be led if the current situation isn’t under control; which doesn’t seem to be for now. This future technology in automobiles doesn’t imply that the vehicles will fly in the sky. It simply means that the cars will be on the road with a few inches gap as if nothing is there in between the road and the literal base object where people would be sitting.

The technology is a breakthrough in the field of automobiles because since the mankind came into existence one couldn’t imagine how would an object move without circular wheels, thanks to the law of physics being applied here. The concept is that of superconductors. It is a proven fact that if the temperature is lowered the the good conductor of electricity will lessen its resistance to zero if this temperature keeps on declining. Superconductors don’t need any external source to maintain their zero resistance. It is like an indefinite loop. These have two main features – Zero Electrical Resistance and Magnetic Expulsion (negation of magnetism). There is also a concept known as Quantum Locking or we can also say Quantum Levitation. The phenomenon of negating magnetic field is what keeps superconductor “locked”, which very well explains Quantum Locking. The driving is believed to be efficient in the coming future because of the presence of no friction at all.

Now one might be thinking among Cars with no Wheels or Self Driving Cars, what will actually rule the market. The question is tricky and the answer lies in the future only because it is the successful project what makes everyone believe that whichever is launched will have minimal negative effects if used as being part of practical application. The real time launch is equally important, and in fact more crucial than the testing done by engineers to be aware of real-time scenarios. This will ultimately decide what comes first. By now it has been already announced by firms like Audi and BMW that they will be working on this project and launch when it is the right time.