April 5, 2017

Dual Php with Apache-CGI in Plain server

There are many situations, where we require to run multiple php versions on a single apacheinstance. Here are the steps followed, to install php5.4 and php5.6 […]
March 5, 2017

Install APCu in cPanel server

Apcu is a php module used for data caching. Steps for the installation is as follows 1. Login in to server via SSH with root access […]
September 12, 2014

Key Based SSH Logins With PuTTY

In SSH, key based authentication are more secure while connecting to a server. On Windows Desktops we use application called Putty for accessing a linux server […]
August 29, 2014

How to avoid ssh connection timeout & freezing of terminal tab

ssh is a client server application that can be used to connect to remote linux servers. When we connect via ssh terminal to certain linux servers, […]
August 26, 2014

How to unzip files bigger than 4GB?

Have any one tried to unzip a file bigger than 4GB using unzip command? If you try to unzip a file larger than 4GB, It will […]
August 25, 2014

Speed up SSH login

Ssh is the most commonly used client server application to remotely manage linux servers. Some times when we try ssh to a server, we may come […]
August 16, 2014

Setup SVN in cPanel

SVN or Apache Subversion is a software versioning and revision control system . Developers worldwide use SVN to maintain current and historical versions of files which change often […]
October 27, 2013

Openssl commands

Following openssl commands help you to manage ssl when there is no control panel (such as cpanel) for the server. Such commands may be used in […]
October 21, 2013

Kill apache semaphores

If apache in the server doesn’t start, you can try for the below shown script, it doesnt do any magic, it simply kills the apache semaphores. […]
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