January 22, 2016

SQL syntax or access violation error while running joomla xmlImport.php file

Error: SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1118 Row size too large (> 8126). Changing some columns to TEXT or BLOB or using ROW_FORMAT=DYNAMIC or ROW_FORMAT=COMPRESSED […]
August 16, 2014

Steps to restore an innodb database

Below are the steps to restore mysql database with innodb tables , without contacting r1soft. Set up a temporary mysql “sandbox” instance  using the innodb files and the […]
August 16, 2014

Optimize database using phpMyAdmin

Over a time as your website add contents to it’s database, the files/tables will become fragmented resulting in slower performance. Optimizing the database will essentially defragment […]
September 25, 2013

Reset mysql password if root password is not known

One of the common issue encountered by server admins while manging mysql is that, the root passwords are unknown. We can reset the root password for […]
August 22, 2013

Performance Tuning Scripts for Mysql

  Performance Tuning Primer Script is the shell script which gets performance related information from MySQL engine and produce some recommendations for tuning of MySQL server […]
August 17, 2013

How to find cpanel, ensim, plesk and direct admin mysql root password

Cpanel ♦ You can get the mysql root password in a cpanel password from the file /root/.my.cnf Ensim ♦ To get the mysql password in an […]
July 25, 2013


  MyISAM and InnoDB are two most commonly used storage engines of MySQL database. However, MyISAM is the default storage engine chosen by MySQL database, when […]
July 21, 2013

Enable Innodb in cPanel server

To Enable innodb in cpanel server♦ First check if Innodb is enabled or not. # mysqladmin variables | grep have_innodb ( To check Innodb enabled or not ) […]
July 20, 2013

MySQL optimization

  MySQL OPTIMIZATION MySQL is a popular choice of database for use in web applications. Fully optimizing MySQL takes both time and effort since every application […]
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