Cloud Enablement Services and Consulting

In this dynamic ever-changing world, one cannot risk to stay old school, but keep upgrading as the industry demands. NDZ helps its clients transform from in-house IT infrastructure to Cloud infrastructure. Our service is secure, agile, latest, and seamless which is one perfect solution to the need for transition.

Advantage of Cloud Enablement

  • Works as a pay-as-you-use model with minimum charges or no cost at all initially
  • Dynamic usage as per the availability of resources
  • Fault tolerance, high availability, and location independence
  • Universal access to services

Application migrations

Despite having several advantages, migrating from on-site servers to the cloud can be quite tricky. The challenges are many.


Workloads may require to make modifications to the existing code and configuration to re-deploy to the cloud.


Deploying Virtual Machines, configuring networking, and storing to support the workload. The strategy needs to be put forward so as to explain what, when and how the procedure of transformation will take place.


It is a time-consuming and complicated task to extend applications in order to support monitoring, auto-scaling, and storage management routines. This is also intruding in some cases to the application code.


From the security, compliance, or policy standpoint, some enterprises may require to run some of the components of on-site applications in private or other parts in the public cloud. Their combination is what we call as a hybrid.


In order to monitor applications, maintain VM images, manage budgets, and enforce policies and actions around scaling, certain resources should be assigned.


Safety is vital for obvious reasons. Migrating from in-house infrastructure or on-site server to the Cloud is no joke as it may put the security on stake. Only a reliable solution can warrant this to be carried sensibly.

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