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Since the term artificial intelligence surfaced, there has always been a hype about whether or not it should be encouraged. It is not uncommon to witness its debate across the internet. Those Sci-fi movies that have fuelled the already lit fire have played a huge role in projecting in everyone’s mind that AI should never be encouraged.

AI refers to Thinking Machines and will be rapidly invented

First of all, those who believe that the science is progressing extremely fast and will ultimately reach to the point of creating a kind of machine that would be able to replicate human consciousness, are plain ignorant just like orthodox folks! As far as the development is concerned, it is still in its miniature stage, and so forming a complex structure that outsmarts human brain is still a fantasy.

A human brain is a mysterious organ which isn’t entirely solved yet by the scientists. The reason why most people think like that is – they assume the term “intelligence” as single dimensional – which is not true. Just like human evolution, that constitutes all living organisms getting evolved in parallel and not just a formation of a single-cellular organism to multi-cellular complex animals; intelligence too is a complex structure divided into short-term memory, long-term memory, symbolic reasoning, spatial logic, induction, deduction, and emotional intelligence. We call it “natural intelligence” which cannot be replaced by a machine. We are capable of developing a robot by designing it in a specific manner and so it cannot go beyond that.

The human consciousness is capable to “think” and thus can indulge into creativity. It can creatively participate in arts, crafts, dance, music composition, by working intensely on its emotions. A machine will remain a machine with absolutely no emotions. Period!

AI will substitute human beings and rule

A machine will never rule this planet unless humans themselves allow it to. In order to reach that level of intelligence, humans might require several decades or even centuries. Who knows what happens in the next hundred years because there are several other issues as well that might even not allow us humans survive any further (environmental pollution, nuclear wars, etc.)!

An artificial intelligence cannot consciously “think” and make decisions because it will never be able to feel human. Its goals will always depend on someone who is visionary (and a human!) so that it could be given proper directions through programs and those programs will have the ability to learn through case studies.

Furthermore, the government of respective countries will still hold ethics. For instance, in a case of going defensive against any terrorist group, the government will definitely use humans as workforce and not the robots. On the other hand, humans will still be required to operate the machine, no matter what kind of task it is given. Humans will NEVER be replaced by robots entirely. Moreover, it would also be a costly affair if there are robots everywhere because it is just not about manufacturing them, but also about their timely maintenance.