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Since the term artificial intelligence surfaced, there has always been a hype about whether or not it should be promoted. It is not uncommon to witness its debate over the internet. Those Sci-fi movies that have fuelled the already lit fire have played a tremendous role in projecting in everyone’s mind that artificial intelligence should never be supported. But this is not true, just like a coin has two sides, everything has got a dark and bright side, and as for how it becomes dark depends on the person who uses it.

Human intelligence is a mix of knowledge, education, thought, problem-solving, and knowing the language. Artificial Intelligence is the word used for machines that may match human intelligence in the following years. Science has made progress but hasn’t reached the point where one couldn’t differentiate between a human and a computer.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

John McCarthy outlines artificial intelligence as “the science and engineering of making intelligent machines.”

Artificial Intelligence is also known as machine intelligence. When someone asks you about what artificial intelligence is, tell them it is simple. After breaking down the complex definition into a simple meaning, artificial intelligence means any technique or method that lets a computer imitate human behavior.

In other words, AI is a system’s capacity to accurately translate external data, acquire from such data, and to use that knowledge to accomplish particular objectives and responsibilities through compliance.

In this technologically advanced era, AI systems have endured a resurgence following collective progress in computer power, Big data, and theoretical understanding; and AI techniques have become an indispensable part of the industry, assisting to solve many challenging problems in software engineering, computer science, etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Scientists are very hopeful that they will soon discover a better technology that understands the environment and learns from it. It has got emotions like happiness, rage, anxiety, etc. just like humans beings. Keeping in mind, the advantages one must also think about the disadvantages. It may sound cool when you think about a robotic slave who will do anything that you instruct, solve issues, and give emotional support.

But this technology does have advantages and limitations. We are discussing all the possible pros and cons of Artificial Intelligence technology.


  • The word human error is used because humans are prone to make mistakes. But the chance of machine making a mistake is zero if they are flawlessly programmed. In Artificial intelligence, choices are taken from previously collected information employing a particular set of algorithms. The errors are reduced, and the essential accuracy is acquired with a higher possibility of success.
  • Many people are daring and are born to do risky things. But in some instances, they might be unable to take risks. Because for everyone there is a weak side too. But in the case of a machine, there is no vulnerable side for them. They can do any risky business.
  • Getting tired is natural human behavior. And we need separate times for family and for office. But when we have artificial intelligence, they can work for 24×7. They will not be needing any personal time or refreshment breaks.
  • Many works have to be done repeatedly every day, and we become bored with such activities. If we take the example of sending out emails with the same old content, it gets too monotonous. So we hand over the repetitive job to artificial intelligence applications that won’t complain about getting bored, unlike humans.
  • Some of the profoundly advanced organizations use digital assistants to communicate with users, which saves the necessity for human resources. The best example of artificial intelligence being a digital assistant is the autocorrect feature we commonly see in phones.
  • When it comes to problem-solving, machines are more perfect and precise compared to human beings. Humans, on the other hand, tend to make errors at times.
  • If scientists plan to explore the space, they send the robots instead of humans for an extended period without risking anyone’s life. The additional advantage is that they can survive without oxygen. Robots don’t need to be fed, which solves the problem of keeping food stock in bulk.
  • Machines won’t get exhausted and so could be used for mining purposes where humans usually get tired and develop lung problems with time. Due to their ability to work tirelessly, scientists could travel seas and oceans as well since humans do have the limitation of swimming deep under the water to a specific depth and not more than that.
  • With artificial intelligence technology, we can converse with a chatbot, and a person seems as if chatting with another human. This allows several organizations to give assistance like customer care, and many have started it at present.
  • Machines analyze logically and so will perform better in case of sensitive decisions. Humans, on the other hand, depend on emotions and decide as per their ongoing mental state. This hinders humans’ productivity but doesn’t happen with machines.
  • Artificial intelligence could be used in repetitive and time-consuming tasks without physically and mentally getting exhausted. Humans get irritated if they have to do the same job over and over again, but machines don’t.
  • Artificial Intelligence could be used in the medical field as well as to train the medical students in performing surgeries. This could be achieved by surgery simulators, and that would reduce the time spent on lectures.
  • Depression patients need affection and care. The pets are capable of providing such kind of comfort. Robotic pets could be used instead of the real ones to avoid unhygienic and unsafe situations from the pets. Also, some people don’t love animals at all. The robotic ones would be more favored in that case as well.
  • Robotic radiosurgery for tumor patients is more precise. This avoids situations like destroying the healthy tissues in the surroundings.


  • Machines need plenty of expense in repairing and maintenance. The hardware and software need to get updated with time to meet the newest requirement. If in case the data is lost, it is costly and time-consuming to recover it back. Most organizations won’t be able to afford plenty of robots on their campus due to the same reason.
  • Machines do not update with time and experience by themselves as humans do. These have to be maintained and updated artificially. Robots cannot act any different outside of whatever algorithm or programming is fed in their internal circuits.
  • When it comes to artistic work, nothing can beat the human mind. A computer cannot imagine differently while drawing or making anything. A human being is filled with emotions, and their artistic work is based on his/her thought process. The machine will always lack this great ability.
  • Humans work with enthusiasm and dedication, but machines don’t. For example, if someone is given a medical facility, he expects extreme caring behavior. This is not in the dictionary of robots, and they tend to do only particular tasks instructed in their programming. If scientists successfully feed emotions in a robot, one will still sense the distinction.
  • If the machines start doing every task being done by humans, currently there would be unemployment everywhere. It is, therefore, unethical to replace humans with robots.
  • If the machine reaches the wrong hands, it might lead to destruction to humanity. Since there is no existence of emotions, anything that has been done wouldn’t affect their mind. These things cannot be sent to jails or beaten for their deeds because of lacking the sense of pain that humans possess.
  • If artificial Intelligence resembles human intelligence in the coming years, the machine would actually think of ruling the world and make humans their slaves. The scientists need to understand this and must not continue this thing with the greed to fill their pockets, for the sake of humanity.

Practical uses and applications of artificial intelligence

The idea of artificial intelligence first clicked in the mind of an English scientist Alan M Turing, in the year 1950. He introduced a theory in which a human and machine are allowed to communicate with each other. During the experiment, both the parties interact through a computer and not in person. The medium of communication can be anything like texting, calling, etc. After the experiment, if the human is unable to identify the machine, then the machine wins the test. This is known as the Turing test. Turing predicted that by the year 2000, this was going to be possible practically. Today, it is possible to chat with an AI that is designed by programmers. There are several other applications as well that we are going to discuss below.

Medical field

Robotic radio-surgery is done for tumor patients in which the unwanted tissues are destroyed without affecting the healthy ones in the surrounding. Also, medical students can learn how to perform a surgery with the help of surgery simulators without actually attending the lectures.

Heavy industry

Industries that need goods to be taken from one place to another use machines since it would be wearying for humans. The bulky goods cannot be carried by humans since they have limited strength. Those tasks which are to be done over and over again like climbing complex locations are done by machines. This avoids dangerous situations like injuries and deaths.

Air transport

Although human pilots are still there to operate the passenger planes, there are situations like weather conditions, darkness, heavy air traffic, in which humans are unable to perform precisely. In such scenarios, Artificial intelligence plays a vital role. Also, there is an option of “auto-pilot” that takes custody of the plane when the pilot leaves his seat. There are busy airports in the world that handle nearly 2500 planes at a time on the arriving surface. Artificial Intelligence has to take part in this case as well to monitor the position of the other planes, else enormous collision would occur if relied on the human brain.

Face and speech recognition

For security purposes, this is important for the computer to recognize an individual’s voice, face, handwriting, etc. This is needed in case of highly sensitive information that needs to be kept confidential. Such applications exist today and are serving well.

Computer games

You may have observed when you play a video game against the artificial competitor.

Telecom customer service

Whenever we call the customer care service, we often hear a computerized voice that directs us to press several buttons on our phone to get information about specific details or assistance. This is also the artificial intelligence functionality that is being used by most organizations.

Augmented Reality

This is a concept in which the real surroundings are seen as it is with the additional modifications that are virtual and have no actual existence. For instance, through AR devices like Google glass, one can see the house (real) along with its owner’s name (augmented reality) and the exact street address. An individual can recognize everyone’s identity through this application.

Search engine optimization

This is the most crucial part if you own an organization and a website since it gives the details of your firm through the internet whenever a user searches for something that covers your field of sales. Your website must be given the highest priority of all the results. You need to follow the basic rules of SEO, and the search engine would deliver your website in front of end-users. This is accomplished by a set of complicated algorithms with the idea of none other than artificial intelligence only.

Best examples of artificial intelligence

Example from real life

Have you wondered how Facebook recognizes your face from the photos you add?

Yes, you got it right!

The technology behind this miracle is artificial intelligence.

HDFC Bank has a chatbot called EVA (Electronic Virtual Assistant), which interacts with the customers regarding their queries.

To give more examples of artificial intelligence around us are, Siri, Alexa, Ok Google, Cortana, etc. all these are the technologies that interact with us.

The predictive texts or words we get when we type something is because of artificial intelligence, they complete the word or sentence for us. Predictive searches also act in the same way, and it is none other than artificial intelligence playing around.

The google map in which we depend on works with artificial intelligence. When the map is showing the traffic and construction works that are ahead of us, it is the artificial intelligence that really shows us this through google map.

Scientists are still working on many projects to make everyone’s life easier. They are hopeful that one day the Artificial Intelligence will resemble a human brain. There are some kinds of tasks that only humans are fitted to do. Maybe something which involves sentiments, sometimes something that requires an artistic touch. Technology is advancing in a very fast, so like the scientist’s hope, we can also keep our fingers crossed to get a more strong technological advancement.

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