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Cybersecurity Service

Moment by moment, we’re safeguarding the future. Your company’s cybersecurity – your livelihood – must be entrusted to specialists – real cybersecurity specialists. Teams equipped with the knowledge and experience that have been there and done that. Do you want security that is one step ahead? Hire the team that got it done. Want to design and implement seamless security?Hire a team that is already doing this. It’s not just about suggestions and promises or just keystrokes and code. This is state-of-the-art security in action. Guaranteed by real knowledge.

What Cyber Security Services do we offer?

Penetration Testing

Our assistance is in creating realistic attack scenarios tailored to your organization’s requirements, which you can use to evaluate your decision-making and response skills and find any current vulnerabilities in your system before an incident happens. By securely implementing the same strategic strategies, approaches, and procedures that actual threat actors employ to obtain unauthorized access and sustain a foothold in compromised environments, you can put your organization’s technical controls and network security to the test.

Vulnerability  Assessment

Every year, thousands of new vulnerabilities are found by organizations, necessitating frequent patching and reconfiguration to safeguard their operating systems, apps, and networks. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses don’t have a good patch management plan and don’t deploy the required updates on time to stop a breach. Patching every vulnerability at once is not feasible. Our security team can prioritize vulnerabilities and make sure high-risk vulnerabilities are addressed first with the use of a vulnerability management system.  Vulnerability management includes the procedures and tools required to often identify and fix the most serious vulnerabilities.

Attack  Simulation

We assist companies in comprehending the state of cybersecurity and taking proactive measures to defend against frequent threats. It is primarily focused on phishing, but when combined with social engineering, it can be helpful. Using simulated attacks we will create incidents, collaborate with you to measure the response, and provide the required guidance to enhance your network security.

  • Simulating adversarial attacks
  • DDOS evaluation services
  • Attacks using social engineering
  • Phishing model

Web Auditing & Forensic Analysis

With the rise of cybercrime in recent years, monitoring malicious activity online has become a necessity to protect national security, public safety, law enforcement and government operations, and the protection of citizens. As a result, the field of computer forensics is growing as legal entities and law enforcement agencies have recognized the value that computer forensics specialists can provide. Our network audit scanner provides port, location and vulnerability scanning and produces a comprehensive threat and vulnerability report with expert recommendations.We use several proprietary forensic techniques and applications to examine copies, search hidden folders and free space for copies of deleted, encrypted or corrupted files, and generate meaningful reports and actions.

Data protection and  Recovery

NDZ offers a comprehensive data protection and recovery solution, so you don’t have to worry about data loss. If a company’s website is unavailable for a few minutes or hours, it causes huge losses to the company. NDimensionZ is committed to ensuring that all of its customers can backup and restore without data loss, with the added benefit of zero downtime thanks to our advanced snapshot engine and replication capabilities.

Managed Security Services – SOC Analysis

NDZ’s highly trained team works around the clock, providing a consolidated platform to monitor, analyze, prevent, diagnose and respond to cybersecurity threats. Built on the pillars of people, processes, innovation and infrastructure, SOC improves an organization’s security posture by uncovering and eliminating all relevant network vulnerabilities. To keep up with the ever-changing threat landscape, we entrust the SOC to experts with deep and broad talents in cybersecurity management, which is a viable option.

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