NDZ Cybersecurity Offerings

Building Cyber Resilience. 

We leverage our strength in cyber security services for continuous threat monitoring and customised consulting services 24×7. Our expert security team helps your business to build a proactive security system, thereby minimising your business risk. Yes, our competency in cyber resilience paves you to focus on your business priorities.

penetrating testing

Penetration Testing Services

 At NDZ, we provide you mobile application services along with extensive security testing services. We test your applications under extensive scenarios and give maximum security exposure to the servers and to all the internal data. With our expert security team and well-managed infrastructure facilities, we have been successful in delighting our customers by providing world-class security services. Our penetration testing services include

  • Cloud & Network penetration testing
  • Web & mobile application penetration testing
  • Infrastructure penetration testing
  • IOT penetration testing
  • Application security testing and code review

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

Assessing the vulnerability of IT infrastructure is one of the most critical security priorities for every organisation. We at NDZ, with our experts and experience, provides continuous and quality vulnerability assessment services to our clients.
attack stimulation

Attack Simulation

 Test the real responses through attack simulation. Our attack simulation services empower your organisation to analyse and act in response to real-life threats and data breaches. We’ll make incidents, work with you to quantify the reaction, and give necessary directions to improve your network security with simulated attacks like,

  • Adversarial attack simulation
    • DDOS assessment services
  • Social engineering attacks
    • Phishing simulation
    • Vishing testing

Web Auditing & Forensic Analysis<br />

Web Auditing & Forensic Analysis

Hacking has become daily news these days, even from high-profile organisations with highly sensitive information that can be misused to affect a company’s reputation and financial data.
Our web auditing scanner provides you with port, page, and vulnerability scan generating a comprehensive report on hazards & potholes with expert suggestions.
We utilise many techniques and exclusive software forensic applications to review the copy, exploring obscure folders, and vacant disk space for copies of erased, encrypted, or damaged files and generate meaningful reports and actions.
Data Protection

Data Protection & Recovery

NDZ offers a comprehensive solution to protect and recover your data, thereby making you worry-free about the data loss. If a commercial website is not available for several minutes or hours, then it causes a massive loss to the business. NDimensionZ strives for all of its clients to ensure their backups and recovery without losing any data, with an additional benefit of no downtime through our advanced snapshot mechanism and replication capabilities.
Managed Security

Managed Security Services- SOC

NDZ’s highly skilled team operates around-the-clock and acts as a consolidated platform to monitor, analyse, prevent, diagnose, and respond to cybersecurity threats. Built on the pillars of people, process, innovation, and infrastructure, a SOC boosts the security posture of the organisation by unveiling all the significant network vulnerabilities and addressing them. To keep pace with the ever-evolving threat scenario, we outsource SOC to experts with the deep and broad talent in cyber-security management is emerging as a viable option.

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