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NDZ’s Data labeling Services caters to all your data labeling needs. Our transparent, agile and scalable approach provides you with the best quality services with years of expertise and experience. We will guide you to the future.

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Data Labeling Services

Fuel Your Machine Learning/AI platforms with our End-to End Data Labeling Services

We live in a world of technology that is advancing and evolving at a swift pace. Artificial Intelligence is one of the fields that accelerate this growth now. Everything we see from speech recognition to self-driving cars is the result of this. In order to do this, Data labeling plays an inevitable role. Accurate and precise labeling of data is the fundamental requirement that improves machine learning and keeps AI evolving.

At NDimensionZ our experts in image annotation, audio annotation, text annotation and, video annotation process any input data and generate accurate training datasets suitable for your machine learning and AI purposes. 


Image Annotation

Image annotation is one of our primary data labeling service. At NDZ we label image data used for training computer vision models like autonomous vehicles, traffic signals, etc. using various image annotation techniques.

Audio Annotation

Our experts in data labeling platforms annotate audio clips used for training audio enabled intelligent systems. They listen and analyse the audio data clips for audio transcription, emotion recognition, audio tagging, audio fingerprinting, etc.

Video Annotation

Frame by frame video annotation enables perfect object tracking, which is widely used in position estimation and tracking. Our data labeling experts do this with accuracy and efficiency.

Text Annotation

Understanding natural text can be difficult as natural language is unlike formal or constructed language. In this case, the human understanding of this language becomes necessary to allow machines to learn from it. Here comes the need for text annotation.

Physical & Rationalised Security

NDZ’s security measures are designed to deny access to our workstation, equipment, and resources. We use bio-metric authentication with two-factor authentication, ensuring high security. Apart from this, NDZ’s work infrastructure is fully equipped with security scanning including vulnerability assessment to give an extra assurance on security to our clients and employees in case of any risks.

Data Protection & Privacy

Being a company operating all over the world, we concern data protection and privacy regulations and offer comprehensive data protection rights to our clients. Your priorities matter most to us.

GDPR Compliance Services

Performing regular and systematic data protection audits is a crucial part of every business to ensure you’re keeping in line with GDPR requirements. GDPR Audits conducts an end to end data processing audit to highlight the voids in compliance and identify areas for improvement.

Data Storage & Protection

NDZ’s data Storage services are focused on protecting data (and its storage infrastructure) against unauthorized disclosure, modification, or destruction while in transition or at rest through industry standards like SSL. 

Secure Data Annotation

Delivering High Standards of Data Security with Privacy.

NDZ is very much aware of the criticality of data we handle with. We promise our clients data security with world-class assessment methods and security strategies. Being a trusted consultant, we help our clients understand various aspects of their data security, starting with identifying issues, analysing risks and detecting threats to implementing and monitoring control measures. NDZ’s data labeling services for AI models and computer vision ensures all the international data privacy, security and compliance standards. Our integrated approach with deep solution expertise and years of consulting experience help us to provide a managed and comprehensive security solution ensuring client success.

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