Data Protection and Recovery

If a commercial website is not available even for several minutes or hours then there is a huge loss to be beared by the owners. Imagine what it would take to recover the already existing data if there is no facilitation of handling the issues like downtime. It is very important factor to make the website always available to its users across the world, despite of the updation, edition, data recovery, etc. being done. This is because just an hour of downtime may cause millions of bucks of loss to its owners, so practically no one can afford it, since it might also result in end of their trade. The business owners will always go beyond extention just for the sake of protecting everything.

NdimensionZ strives for ensuring all of its clients that they are going to get their backups and recovery without losing anything, with an additional benefit of no downtime. NdimensionZ has advanced mechanism of snapshots and replication capabilities that could be stored in the server's hard disk. With our copy-on-write design accidental modifications, updations, deletions, etc., could be restored, with no performance compromised. The principle of point-in-time copies of data does not disrupt the online applications. If anything happens, accessing a screenshot at a particular recovery point, could save the day.

Replication functionality such as volume copy or mirror, and remote replication always protects the valuable data from unexpected disasters. Using this, the users can hence copy the entire information within their own single storage system or between the systems in IP or FC SANs at different sites. In case if the source data is lost due to system failure or natural disasters, its disk-based copied format could restore it entirely within minutes without actually causing havoc. NdimensionZ allows its users to always keep the remote copy with this screenshot technology. The snapshot images provide utmost benefits of restoring the corrupted files within seconds so as to resume business service.

To make sure the most out of the data availability while streamlining backup and restoration tasks, NdimensionZ sets exceptional snapshot and replication capacities in its storage systems. Snapshot functions are tailored to produce immediate copies of data at the moment without disturbing online applications. With the copy-on-write design, snapshots preserve production data from unexpected modifications, deletions and corruptions with least capacity demands and performance overhead. By obtaining a snapshot copy at the desired recovery point. Users can quickly restore system availability from data disruption.

Further, replication functions like volume copy and remote replication protect data from source volume failure and disasters. Also, users can copy data within one storage system or between systems in IP or FC SANs at separate sites. When source data disappoints due to system malfunction or disasters, the disk-based remote copy can be strengthened to restart service in minutes. To ensure the integrity of the remote data additionally, NdimensionZ enables users to preserve the remote copy with snapshot technology. Granular snapshot images can assist restore the corrupt remote copy in seconds when the copy is required to continue business service.

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