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Cloud Enablement

Many organizations embark on cloud migrations to achieve scalability, cost-efficiency and higher application performance. But migrating apps to the cloud is a complex process that requires careful planning and deliberation.Cloud migrations can be laborious, requiring many steps and manual adjustments. While a solid cloud migration strategy can simplify the process, enterprises still need to consider a number of factors, including tools, governance, performance, application design and more.

Managed Services

The quality of customer care services is an integral part of a Company's ranking process. If a customer is not satisfied with a company's services then the chances are high that the company's business will go to a downward spiral. In the fast moving world people (customers ) want fast results. And that's what Ndimensionz does, it gives the customer what they expect (fast results), actually more than what they expect (Super fast results )! The customer can avail the services from any corner of the world, at any point of time.

Security Audits

Nowadays there are reports coming even the high-profile web site being hacked. The target usually is sensitive corporate information that can be misused to affect a company’s reputation and finances. Ndimensionz Audit & Compliance consultants can make your infrastructure comply with PCI standards and you can able to achieve positive scan report from the approved scanned vendor (ASV) on a single go.

On Premise Cloud Setup

The path to cloud computing can be a long and arduous one for organizations considering migration. Enterprises often contend with regulatory and compliance issues and need to stick to keep their data in their premises with out comprimising the secuirty. Our inhouse cloud architects expertised in opensource cloud solutions to build high availability, fully resilient cloud design which will assist organization to build cost effective solution scalable to meet the future requirement.


SOC teams are responsible for monitoring detecting, containing and remediating IT threats across applications, devices, systems, networks, and locations. Using a variety of technologies and processes, SOC teams rely on the latest threat intelligence (e.g, indicators, artifacts, and other evidence) to determine whether an active threats is occurring, the scope of the impact, as well as the appropriate remediation. Security operations center roles & responsibilities have continued to evolve as the frequecy and seventy of incidents continue to increase.

ISO/PCI consulting

We guide and facilitate organizations to define, document, implement and continually improve their working systems based on Quality principles and International standards. We help our clients to frame a vision for future, enhance commitment to their organization and achieve a positive growth.