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We live in the day and age of smartphones, smart watches, laptops, tablets, and what not! Do we still need those desktop computers that are bulky and not portable at all? Yes, we definitely do if we have our own home and we do not need to move from one place to another that often. Below is the list of reasons why desktop computers are still preferred till date:

1. Buying cost: If you plan to buy a kind of computer that ought to be of specific configuration, like RAM, processor, hard disk, screen size, etc. is supposed to be a certain kind then you will notice a significant difference in the cost of a desktop computer to that of a laptop.

The maximum screen size of a laptop would be nearly around 17 inches, but a desktop, it would be 20 to 24 inches. You cannot handle a laptop post this screen size because it gets bulky. Most people are more comfortable with working only on those systems that have a big screen. This is the reason why tablets and smartphones will never replace the desktops to do serious work. Your handset is only for watching viral videos and social networking websites.

2. Maintenance cost: If a screen of a laptop gets damaged somehow it would be better if you buy a new personal computer. Not only the but also any other part that requires being replaced. This is due to the fact that everything is engineered in the compact form in a laptop. If you need to replace something, it would be costlier. The parts of a desktop PC are not in the compact form, hence are cheaper and could be replaced easily. This is the reason why PC can sustain for many years.

3. Parts of a desktop PC could be sold/recycled: You are free to sell the parts of your computer individually. You can sell your keyboard, RAM, motherboard, to those who are in need of a second-hand thing.

4. Desktops last longer: Desktops have easy parts to join and those parts could be individually replaced, if not functioning properly. This factor makes it a lasting option and so it survives many more years. I know there are PCs that lived for like 15 to 20 years. The laptop won’t last for more than 7 or 8 years. Mine has survived this long. This also depends on the type of brand you prefer. I preferred Dell. Others might get over at the most 6 years.

5. Desktops could be built by own: There are numerous tutorials, articles, and videos purely dedicated on “DIY Build Your Own Desktop PC”. Building laptop, on the other hand, is a huge deal. There is a huge difference in the rates when it comes to buying the components. Desktop PCs can also be re-engineered easier. It would not cost you more than $500 if you ever plan to build a personal computer. A laptop of a good brand would cost you somewhere around $1000 if you have plans to have the same configuration.

6. More security: Those who are into IT field know that the wireless devices are not that safe when it comes to the network security. The security against hacking, cracking, viruses, and all other kinds of malicious software that intend to hunt the vulnerable devices. The desktop computers have wires attached which limit the entry of most kinds of fraudulence.

7. More USB ports: The laptops do not contain the USB ports much in number, whereas their desktop counterpart has at least 4 (or more) installed. The USB ports give much more flexibility when it comes to attaching dongle, keyboard, mouse, etc., and that too ALL at once. The most common issue in case of a notebook is that there is always a limitation when it comes to attaching two USB ports/drives besides each other.

8. No theft: You do not have to worry that your device might be stolen because it is too bulky. Moreover, who would detach those numerous wires from the wall and the spike buster. The thief might or might not enter your house, but most probably wouldn’t steal your computer. If it were a laptop, particularly the branded one, he/she would likely steal it. It is the laptop you worry about the most, while you stay in a hotel or travel. Your desktop computer is always at your home.

9. Better for gamers: There is absolutely no denial when it comes to enhancing the computer in order to make the high Tech games working. This involves better graphic and sound card. The laptop will always have limitations. Although, the PC gets bulkier cares? Those who are so into games wouldn’t mind in enhancing their computer.

There might also be a few more points to be written. If you find that something is still missing then you may address those in the comment section. Please feel free to express your viewpoints.