DevOps Services


A continuous and seamless collaboration between the development and operations team, enabling an agile business model resulting in reduced time, cost, and silos.

DevOps the Agile Solution

Continuous measurement, Insights driven

Today, when companies are trying to increase their operational speed and efficiency, NDZ thinks one step ahead and promises quality deployment of software delivered in a predictable pipeline, thus ensuring that the source code is always in a state to deploy.         

Why NDZ DevOps solutions and consulting services?

Our expertise in agile scrum services has enabled us to make a strong foothold in DevOps services. DevOps has proven to provide flexibility and agility throughout the lifecycle of any product. The reduced silos boost the quality of delivery.

  • Frequent deployment of working software(sometimes multiple times per day);
  • Fewer errors in new software releases.
  • Reduced gap between fixes

Phases of DevOps


The process of integrating the newly developed codes into the central repository. This helps find any errors or bugs earlier in the development cycle and enables quicker push out of deliverables.

Continuous Delivery

With our continuous delivery system, We ensure that the code is not only frequently merged, but the combined code is also in a deployment-ready state. There is the automated testing of the codes that help push out quality codes for production, without human intervention.

Continuous Testing

The testing of the codes is either automated or done manually. It is done to reduce the time between the code releases. It also provides effective and fast feedback to the developers. This supports the agile environment that DevOps aims to achieve by testing earlier and eliminating the tailbacks.




A one stop solution to cut costs, save time and improve quality.


DevOps Consulting

DevOps is an Investment with a high ROI. But every investment needs careful selection and implementation. NDZ’s years of experience in the field will help you transition into DevOps effortlessly, we analyse your requirements and guide you through the best DevOps practices to create a collaborative environment.

24X7 Support

Our Team is always ready to combat any trouble that might arise in the delivery system. We lend our 24*7 support to increase efficiency by reducing the deployment time and minimising the lead time in fixing any disintegration. Our efficient piloting makes the delivery system predictable, secure, and manageable.  

DevOps as a Service

We take care of all your DevOps service requirements from assessment to management. We identify your expendable tasks and recognise the right set of tools for a healthy deployment pipeline, enabling one-click deployments, secured infrastructure, and performance optimisation. 


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