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The entire world is affected by the adverse effects of coronavirus. Covid-19 has enhanced the value of technology. The real impact of covid-19 can be easily seen on our personal and professional life. Many businesses have shifted to work from home. The pandemic has significantly impacted the digital transformation escalating many big innovation and technological trends.

We have shared some of the frequent emerging technology trends impacting technology in our daily lives.

1.Cyber Security 

With growing online interaction, many businesses and professionals are working remotely. According to the IT Security Economics report by Kaspersky more than 50% of persons encountered malware infection. Cybersecurity implies a specific part of technologies and processes that helps to protect networks, devices, programs, date attacks, damage, or unauthorized accessibility.

Cybersecurity is emerging technology trends because as we are becoming connected with technologies, it is crucial to protect sensitive information. Several cyber-attack cases are coming live. Some of the main things that happen during cyber-attacks are destroying sensitive data, accessing files, changing, and disrupting business.

That’s why protecting computers, networks, and clouds is provided so users can maintain safe growth. We can see the impact of Cybersecurity in society.

Since the European Union’s general data protection has been signed up, we could see the increment of data protection uses. Some of the trending cybersecurity threats are ransomware, cyber-physical attacks, state-sponsored attacks, phishing, and IoT attacks.One of the biggest cybersecurity worries is a data breach and personal trading data says the report by cybersecurity unit Eleven Paths of Telefonica’s company. On the other hand, another report says: Open Banking, Mobile Malware, Machine learning, Cloud Computing, and 5G will be associated with cyber-attacks.

2.Internet of things

The Internet of Things (IoT) relates to the system of interrelated physical objects that are collecting and transferring data with the help of wireless networks. IoT doesn’t require human intervention. That’s why it shows endless possibilities in the business world. It includes sensors, software, and other technologies for connecting and sharing data.

IoT devices are parts of wearable technologies, safety monitoring, and waste management in cities.

With this technology’s help, we can anticipate and treat many issues before symptoms even show. IoT also fuels firing computing element; therefore, data storage and compilation are closer to the companies. It enables to saves in bandwidth and shortfall in responsive times.

It is one of the emerging technologies in financial services industry as it is transforming the user experience. IoT will put up immense opportunities that weren’t possible. IoT devices improve daily life. With Telemedicine and IoT’s help, it will monitor people’s health conditions

According to studies, in 2019, the total number of IoT devices was 26 billion. Yet, it was suspected to grow this number up to 30.73 billion in 2020. IoT devises market value is nearly $150 billion with predicted up to 15 IoT devices for a single person in the US by 2030.

3.Extended Reality:

Extended reality (XR) is an emerging term used for all immersive technologies. Today we have augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR). These are all part of immersive technologies.

Moreover, Extended Reality is a mixture of computer and human-created graphics interaction in the virtual environment.

Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of computer and graphical technology to create a virtual environment. It allows users to put into a fully stimulated mode completely. The graphical generation by computer and artificial objects give a sense of being real experience.

With VR headsets, users will feel a robust virtual sense. In other words, VR devices help users to feel a 3D environment. Similarly, the VR device is designed to give the hypnotic illusion to users.

We can dramatically see the impact of technology in our daily life. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality will be in use to give training and simulation. It can also offer new exciting ways to interact with customers.

According to research by Statista, the Extended (XR) market will increase up to 18 Billion US Dollars by 2023.

In Augmented Reality, you can experience the combination of virtual objects and images. AI operates similarly to (VR). It fools our brain with the help of artificial intelligence and computer-generated graphics.

4.Artificial Intelligence   

Artificial intelligence has been impacting our daily lives since the past decade. AI helps find the algorithms to resolve specific tasks by analyzing big data to make an algorithmic estimation. With these algorithmic programs, it enables a computer to think like a human brain and find solutions by itself.

Over 77% of consumers are using AI built technologies. It is predicted by 2030 AI products will generate trillions to the economy. Similarly, other statics shows that AI will create 58 million jobs by 2022. Artificial Intelligence has immense potential, due to its feature of user experience personalization.

The impact of AI technology on business can be seen in many ways. To help business AI may develop more technical solutions that will create automation is business. We can also see the impact of this technology on communication with the integration of Chatbots. 

5. 5G Network

5G is assumed as the future of communication and is one of the impacts of technology on communication. It is one of the top emerging technology. The impact of 5G technology will change the complete user experience. According to a Huawei Technology vision, the implementation of 5G networks will arise between 2020 to 2030.

The 5G technology is the ultimate upgrade of 4G. The impact users will see on its downloading speed and super-fast uploading speed.

According to statistics, 5G will have more affordable data plans. IoT has connected with multiple devices on one platform. That’s why it provides 5G to the right base of success.  IoT devices will use narrow bandwidth to support other parts or different devices and provide deep coverage in tough area marginal price.

Covid-19 has drastically affected our lives financially and mentally. Technology can assist us in making our lives on track. With the right understanding of technical knowledge, you can enhance your problem-solving skills. These unique technologies are continuously causing various digital transformations around the globe. You can choose to adopt any technical skills to upgrade you further to sustain in the digital world.Get in touch with us at sales@ndz.co for any further enquiries.