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Market Research states that the global Market of ERP is all set to touch  $ 78.40 Billion by the year 2026, which indicates the strength of ERP as an indispensable tool in industries looking to streamline its operations. ERP can be implemented in any industry, but here we narrow down our discussion towards ERP in the manufacturing sector because manufacturing is that one industry that utilizes the ERP features and functions the most.

The manufacturing industry involves numerous complex processes that are dynamic, including production, inventory, procurement, warehouse, supply chain, human resource, accounting, etc. and all its management. To manage such a process-oriented system, we need a robust and comprehensive information & resource management system. Hence, comes the requirement of effective ERP software. Implementing such a system would require many pre-implementation studies to select the best-suited software for the desired firm. MFG PRO is such an ERP software that encapsulates analytics, customer management, supply chain, financials, manufacturing, and all its integration, thereby making it an all in one solution set needed for a manufacturing firm.

The importance of post-implementation ERP support

Selecting suitable ERP software as well as implementing it is of great importance, but along with this, proper post-implementation support is also crucial. With the term post-implementation support, we at NDZ refer to the seamless integration of all the departments currently working exclusively and then optimizing various ERP modules, and it’s usage to reduce time and cost, thereby bringing maximum productivity. Analysts have found that roughly 75% of ERP projects fail because of poorly defined ERP software goals. This shows that merely ERP implementation is not enough, but the ERP post-implementation, optimization, and support have a crucial role in the success of ERP as an end to end implementation.

ERP Post Implementation Challenges

Usually, organizations face numerous post-implementation challenges when they start optimizing with the current or the newly implemented ERP system. One of the significant challenges faced is employee resistance to adopt the new ERP system as they are accustomed to the previous manual process. Apart from this, we also incur project management issues, testing issues, issues in maintenance, and additional investment in internal hardware.

These issues could be resolved by adopting a well-planned ERP optimization and integration process.  Some ERP systems target manufacturing, while others target healthcare or retail. No single ERP system can address all the requirements of a firm. For ERP optimization, you need to identify the deficiencies and work on correcting them. Changing conditions, introducing new products and services, changes in business models or new demands from customers may cause organizations to become dissatisfied with their ERP systems and feel the need to optimize their current ERP systems to perform according to the new needs.

Another struggle companies have had is the integration of their ERP system with other enterprise systems to meet growing business demands. In such a scenario, there arises the requirement for a high-level integration between the acquired third party system and the existing ERP to ensure a seamless well-communicated process. Such an ERP integration will lead to the benefits of centralized data, automated processes, workflow visualization, and an overall reduction in human error.

The current scenario is not enough to simply collect the data, but it is imperative to analyze the data to gain business insights to help make strategic decisions. We, at NDZ, do not stop at optimization or integration but also provide value-added support in the form of business intelligence dashboards that will aid in the visualization of data. Business Intelligence dashboards can connect you with critical information and data at a glance. Users can interpret the data and customize their dashboards views as per daily requirements.

Key Takeaway

An end to end ERP solution involves the complete ERP post optimization, integration, and business intelligence dashboards that will enable your firm to head on the path of digital transformation and fully harness the power of data into insightful decisions. NDZ’s ERP services have enabled numerous businesses to improve their efficiency and growth. For the industry best recommendations and support, reach out to us at sales@ndz.co