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Are you planning to buy a selfie stick? Well, I don’t think that would be that essential in the coming years. This is because drones have been introduced quite recently not only for commercial purposes but also for personal purposes as well based on fun activity. It is quite legitimate that the purpose of taking selfies and group-fies would sound more practical since it is hands free and can reach up to more than a certain distance. I would like to mention some of the popular selfie drones that vary in size, working, durability and cost.

1. Hover camera – Selfie drone: It is a portable and foldable Quadcopter device that could be carried easily anywhere. It can get folded like a book. Once you start it and throw it in the air, it hovers. It has a sonar and optical in order to find its surroundings and way.

Basic Features
13 MP Camera, 7 minutes flight time.

2. Roam-E Selfie: It is an amazing technology that has a dual axis propeller and built-in smart recognition technology which can focus on an individual’s face so as to capture the proper snap. Being built in a tubular structure, it also has an obstacle avoidance technology.

Basic Features
5 MP Camera, 20 minutes flight time, 1020P recording.

3. Drofie Folding Pocket Camera Drone: It is known to be world’s first smart, auto-follow folding camera that can be carried inside a pocket. It is capable of capturing 360 degree view. It also has obstacle avoidance technology, easy and instant take-off and landing, and p2p streaming technology. It is a light-weighted device.

Basic Features
15 MP Camera.

4. Nixie Wearable Selfie Drone: It is a first known wearable drone which, the moment thrown like a boomerang, it hovers. It is well capable to capture images as well as videos. It is powered by Edison Chip by Intel. It looks like a toy for kids to play.

Basic Features
1080P Recording.

5. KIMON Selfie Gadget: It is a foldable device that looks like a crab. It has one click departure and landing. One can well control this device using a smartphone. It also has safe distance and auto-return setting. It can rotate to full 360 degree circle in which it can also click through features like quick selfie, follow me, indoor selfie, smart selfie distance, etc.

Basic Features
12 MP Camera, 1080P Recording, 12 minutes flight time.

6. Lily Drone Camera: This drone is particularly designed for those who has immense passion for sports since it has much faster auto-follow technology. Its body is waterproof and so can accompany you while you do acrobatic stunts. It can speed up to 40 km/h.

Basic Features
12 MP Camera, 20 minutes flight time, 1080P 60 FPS / 720P 120 FPS video.

7. Dobby Selfie Drone: It is compact and foldable device whose size is similar to a smartphone. It is therefore being promoted as pocket selfie drone. It contains technologies like face recognition, auto-follow and voice control function. It also has GPS / GLONASS for tracking its own location.

Basic Features
13 MP Camera, 1080P video recording, 4K image acquisition, 9 minutes flight time.

One may notice that the maximum limit to remain in the air is around 20 minutes. This means that it needs to be charged if the time limit gets over. Therefore, this is a drawback for now since some people are into photo session a lot and because of that habit simply a stretch for 10 to 20 minutes wouldn’t fulfill their endless desire to click. Else it is best to cover a large group of people without asking a random third person to click. This technology is just a beginning and so obviously that would take some time to fix all of its flaws. Till then you may always consider charging right after you drain its battery wherever you find the place (home, hotel room, car, for instance) and you are good to go.