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Yes, the Big Data has occupied nearly all businesses at present and there is certainly no denial that it will continue to exist forever, no matter how much technology will evolve, the core concept is going to remain as it is. Well, still we need to know that how the future of Big Data would be. Based on the case studies and some technological innovations, that still struggle the infancy for now, it is predicted that the concept will reach maturity in the upcoming years. Following are the predictions of future Big Data that may take place the next decade:

Improved Data Analysis

Well, SQL will remain a forever standard but the base could shift towards (Apache’s) Spark because of its ability of data parallelism and fault-tolerance, and enhanced capability to handle much large amount of data with ease. Data needs to be precisely analyzed, especially if it is the unstructured one. This is how we judge a business analytics software’s functionality.

Firms like Microsoft and Salesforce have recently announced launching some extra-ordinary features so that even you do not have a single knowledge of coding, you could still create apps of your choice.

Real-Time Streaming Insights

Soon the users will be able to make decisions in real time by making use of the data, using programs like Kafka and Spark.

Data Volume WILL Always Grow

It is quite evident that the data will always grow exponentially because of the use of more and more handheld devices, tablets, laptops, etc. and the continuous need of the internet these days, without which one cannot imagine a single day. This is the high time that the information gets organized with best possible technical advancements.

Machine Learning and Cognitive Technology

The obsession of researchers with Artificial Intelligence is never going to take a halt. In order to enable a business grow it would be a necessity to develop that machine that could memorize the previous cases as well as already accumulated information, and make decisions accordingly with least intervention of humans; this is how some analysis could be made and help businesses to strategically move forward without fail.

It is a contiguous process where trial-and-error methods are implemented even after the launch and respective measures are taken if something unexpected happens. This is how an innovation permanently establishes.

IOT Trend Will Continue to Grow

The Internet Of Things has been already structured but still is in its infancy stage. It wouldn’t pause unless considerate success shows up. Once being succeeded, it will be heading towards more progress and work for betterment afterwards. But before that, there is no backing.

Emerged Privacy Concerns

Imagine the world where literally every object is connected via internet. The data is going to be huge and could be revealed in front of unauthorized parties. This cannot be acceptable and so even if it is so difficult to encapsulate the sensitive information, it is still a necessity. Without a promising privacy, nobody can trust anybody.

Shortage in the Staff Members

Even though it has always been so crucial to handle the Big Data and due to that the requirement of candidates having in-depth knowledge of databases and data structures is always a plus since beginning, but with time, as there is an emergence of AI, machine learning, cognitive technology, and similar stuffs, human intervention would be least needed, and hence less staff members as compared to present.

Emerged Algorithm Markets

The businesses will not need to make their own algorithms, instead, may utilize the services provided by firms such as Kaggle, Data Xu and Algorithmia, and add their own data. This will obviously encourage other potential entrepreneurs to build similar algorithmic structures and sell to potential clients that are obviously in plenty.

Fast and Actionable Data

When it comes to managing the already existing as well as emerging data, it becomes essential that the companies must know managing the whole data and that involves not just a fractional part, with a clear motive of not just defining and analyzing it but as well manipulating in a swift manner. Now this certainly does not imply that the idea could be literally achieved only while dealing with Big Data but also with the smaller sections that have the potential to be ‘Big’ in the upcoming future.

Heightened Productivity

The market is expected to grow nearly about $430 billion by just 2020. There is still a long way to go in the coming 50 and 100 years, which is far ahead and yet to come but still cannot be denied for its certainty, for sure.

The predictions of upcoming years related to Big Data’s future cannot guarantee the number of months and years it might take to actually get implemented. It is just a rough estimation that the next decade would be really interesting in the field of technology. It could also be the case that things that aren’t predicted and obviously aren’t listed here might shape up suddenly without a clear indication for now. We hope everything goes as planned and hence witness one of the greatest technological revolutions. So, let’s be positive!