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The GDPR is the law created to give people more control over the personal data they share on the internet. Before starting GDPR, then there had been multiple cases of misusages, and individual data violations, like trading contacts to third parties without users identifying about that. These breaches had paved the way to an ardent need in the law that could bring control over the individual data back to people. It protects not only the customer data, but also the data of employees, suppliers, and any parties involved in data sharing.

How to get GDPR compliance certification?


The UKAS will issue GDPR certification accredited certification bodies against ICO approved certification scheme criteria. To obtain accreditation once a scheme is in the place, you will need to apply to the certification body delivering that scheme. Keep these points in mind while getting a GDPR compliance certificate:

  • Find a scheme
  • Find a certification body.
  • Finalize a product, process, or service
  • map the processing operations

How do you get GDPR compliance?

  • Access: You must access all your data sources, investigate and audit them and ensure privacy rules in the enterprise while evaluating privacy risk
  • Identify: Next, you have to identify the personal data and inspect them.
  • Govern: Acquiring a grasp on personal data begins with being efficient to specify the meaning of personal data, and then to share this understanding across your organization.
  • Protect: And after establishing the personal data checklist and governance model, it’s time to set up an accurate level of protection for the data.
  • Audit: The fifth step towards GDPR compliance includes auditing. In this stage, you’ll need to be able to produce reports to show regulators clearly.

What is the GDPR compliance checklist?

The GDPR is a complex 11 chaptered document with 99 articles that cover a wide range of user privacy issues. This set of regulations can be hard to digest and interpret, which is where this checklist enters the picture. The ultimate GDPR compliance checklist highlights and lays out all of the main bases that you have to cover systematically to achieve GDPR compliance.

What are the checklists for GDPR compliance?

  • Hire a data protection officer (DPO)
  • Data privacy design & assessment
  • Data governance
  • Get consent for data collection, retention & erasure
  • Compliance, auditing & record keeping
  • Data breach obligations