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Horde can be used to fetch emails on a remote mail server. You can use this feature when you are performing a migration process of  non cPanel domains. The steps are described here:


Logging into Horde

♦ First, go to webmail at https://www.$DOMAIN/webmail

♦ Log in with with the email address and the email password.

♦ Choose the Horde Mail Client.


Setting up a Fetch Mail Account in Horde

♦ Click on “MAIL” on the left side of the screen

♦ Click “OPTIONS” on the upper-right side of the screen

♦ Click “FETCH EMAIL” beneath the Message Options

♦ Click the link “Edit your preferences for accessing other mail accounts”

♦ Click “Create a New Account”

♦ Select “IMAP/POP3 Mail Servers” from the drop-down menu

♦ Enter the required details::

  • Account Name: A name (can be anything you’d like to call it)
  • Protocol: Use “POP3 (Auto Detect Protocol)” for one off imports or “IMAP (Auto Detect Protocol)” for repeated imports
  • Username: The full email address you wish to fetch in format name@yourdomain.com
  • Password: The email password for the email you wish to fetch
  • Server: The server name or IP address
  • Remote Mailbox: The folder name you wish to fetch, usually “Inbox”
  • Local Mailbox: The folder into which emails should be imported. If you have not set up a specific folder, use “Inbox”
  • Tick “Get only new messages” if using IMAP (does not apply to POP3)
  • Tick “Mark messages as seen” if using IMAP (does not apply to POP3)



♦ Click “Create”


Fetching mail

♦ Click “MAIL” on the left hand side of the screen

♦ Click the “FETCH EMAIL” button at the top of the screen

♦ Tick the the account(s) you want to fetch

♦ Click “FETCH MAIL”