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Hoverboard could be termed as self-balancing two-wheeled board or self-balancing scooter. It is a rechargeable battery powered device which is used to enable a person move from one place to another just by standing on it. Hoverboard has total of two wheels, one of which is at each side and a pair of platforms where the user stands. The forward and backward movement is determined by the feet’s position. The user has to tilt the device somewhat forward to control the forward movement and backward in case of stopping or for taking back.

The Benefits of Hoverboard:

1. Easy to handle – Due to its not-so-heavy property one can easily handle it and move it from one place to another. It can be carried or lifted also if complex way comes in the middle such as staircase. This is because on an average its weight is somewhere between 20 to 25 pounds. The size is also small enough to get into a locker.

2. Convenience – Hoverboards can travel at the most around 10 to 15 miles in a single charge. The speed is around 8 to 10 miles per hour. For those who have frequent visits at the nearby places may conveniently use this self balancing scooter.

3. Cost friendly – Many self-balancing two-wheeled boards have a very wide range when it comes to cost. Previously only celebrities could afford it. These could be now purchased by those also who have limited budget.

4. No transportation charges – If you want to move your vehicle from one place to another you have so many hassles like extra cost, requirement of vehicle registration, transportation, insurance, etc. but since hoverboards are light weighted and can be handled by the individual him/herself one doesn’t need to transport it with the help of another means, and so no extra cost.

5. Eco friendly – Since hoverboards use batteries only and have no scope of using petrol/diesel in any manner these ensure being environment friendly.

Following are the limitations of having Self Driving Scooter:

1. Cases of exploding – The lithium ion batteries tend to get overheated and even may explode according to the report. These are cases of burning of hoverboards into flames that turned the rooms and even the whole house into fire. This is the main reason why one must think before buying an “affordable” self driving scooter. The case studies suggest that one must not charge its batteries for overnight.

It is to be noted that popular online retailers like Amazon has cut off the sales of cheap hoverboards to avoid risk of injuries and catching fire.

2. Accidents – There are many incidents of collision in which the owner falls down while riding the device. One needs to be cautious and responsible, and not over excited during the ride. Certain preventive measures could be taken like wearing helmets, certain type of clothes that prevent a person from getting cuts, scratches or any other related injuries.

3. Availability – The self-balancing two-wheeled boards aren’t available at the nearby stores. These are sometimes seen in the places like malls for limited time range. Even if these could be purchased at online stores no one assures that these would be delivered on time. One cannot simply trust a model on the basis of images shown on the websites. It is also not possible for the online retailers to ship this gadget at every part of the world.

4. Limited accessibility – There are certain places like malls, airports, and even whole cities where it isn’t allowed to ride hoverboards for now. Purchasing this device would be really a waste if you are not allowed to use at somewhere in the location where you currently reside.

There are some restrictions for its use in some cities. For instance, in California hoverboards are allowed at a low speed and is to be ridden on bike lanes on street; also a person must not be less than 16 years of age and must wear a helmet while riding. In Netherlands, it isn’t allowed on public places. In England and Whales, it is allowed inside the campus belonging to some private entity with the owner’s permission. In Scotland, the ride isn’t allowed on sidewalks. In Hong Kong, these self balancing scooters are categorized under motor vehicles and a user needs a license and registration papers if he owns one. The laws are current and may change later but whoever has plans to buy it must ensure that using this portable device is legal at his/her location.