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Over a time as your website add contents to it’s database, the files/tables will become fragmented resulting in slower performance. Optimizing the database will essentially defragment the files, and is something you should perform regularily if you do have a busy website.

  • Log into cPanel, and click on the PHPMyAdmin icon in the database section, or you can search for this in the search bar. You will need to be logged in directly as the cPanel user to access this, not as a reseller or administrator user.
  • Click on the database you would like to optimize.
  • Underneath the list of tables, click on the “Check All” function to select all of your databases, and select “Optimize Table” from the drop down box.
  • This will automatically start optimizing the tables, the time this takes can vary depending on the size of your database and the last time it was optimized.
  • You will get a confirmation saying the database / tables has been optimized