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Have any one tried to unzip a file bigger than 4GB using unzip command?

If you try to unzip a file larger than 4GB, It will show an error message like below;

error: Zip file too big (greater than 4294959102 bytes)

Unzipping a file in Linux is pretty straight-forward with the “unzip” command. If it returns an error about the file size being too big, then you will have to use another tool.

The 7za utility from the p7zip package can handle really huge files. You can download and install this utility by using yum as root:

$ yum install p7zip p7zip-plugins

To extract a file, use the command

$ 7za e <zip file>

where <zip file> is the name of the file.

If the p7zip is not in your yum database, then you can download it from the website https://www.7-zip.org/download.html

1) Go through the above URL select the appropriate p7zip package for your server.

2) Download the tar.bz file to your server (p7zip_9.20.1_src_all.tar.bz2)

3) Extract the file using the below command

tar jxf p7zip_9.20.1_src_all.tar.bz2

4) After extracting the file, you can see a folder named “p7zip_9.20.1”

5) Enter in to the directory and run the “install.sh” script to install p7zip


7za t archive.7z : tests files in the archive archive.7z
7za l archive.7z : lists all files from archive archive.7z
7za x archive.7z : extracts all files from archive archive.7z
7za a archive.7z file1 fileN : add files to the archive archive.7z
7za a archive.7z dir1 : add all files and subdirectories from directory “dir1” to archive archive.7z

You can also add or extract files to/from .zip or .tar archives.
You can also compress/uncompress .gz or .bz2 files.

7za a -tzip archive.zip file file2 file3
7za a -ttar archive.tar file
7za a -tgzip file.gz file
7za a -tbzip2 archive.bz2 file