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The term internet has evolved decades back from interconnecting the computers in the U.S. Department of Defense, to occupying all kinds of devices reside in the world at present. Nobody could imagine that the transfer of data would be ‘easy as ABC’. So, what’s next? Is that it or it still has scopes for modification. To what extent one could imagine its evolution? Well, one cannot be so sure about the future but if the current inventions and ongoing implementations are to be believed, following would be the future of internet:

1. Universal connection – You must be familiar with the narrow bandwidth that used to make us wait for so long while it would dial the connection. Then came the broadband and now WiFi where one needs to get his device connected so as to access the internet. Ever thought of that era that always enables the connection and you do not have to manually connect each time? Yes, the universal connection is going to be the reality. Your internet connection will be automatic and permanent!

Universal connection

2. Internet of Things – Your house will get locked without you interfering at all. Your coffee will be ready and your geyser will rise the water temperature so that you could bathe, once your alarm wakes you up. Your fridge will contact the grocery store to buy certain stuffs that get emptied and will do the payment itself without you interfering at all. Sounds interesting, yet scary, isn’t it? It’s going to be a reality and every single thing will get connected with each other so that if your mobile phone gets lost next time, it will somehow inform you about its present location and you could easily trace it! There are countless examples other than mentioned here.

3. Jobless jacks – Machines are going to accomplish most tasks performed by people at present. But don’t worry since there are still those kinds of jobs that only humans can do, which involves something artistic that requires real innovations. Your computer could only be minions in front of you even if they turn out to be ‘intelligent’. If something your computer does without being obeyed then it could be disastrous because a machine cannot differentiate between the right and wrong and might take incorrect decisions.

4. Earth won’t be the only planet of internet – Here we aren’t talking about the extra-terrestrial beings. There will come a point when astronauts will be able to use the internet once they reach the planet Mars by 2030. The Satellites will be orbiting around Mars so that the data moves back and forth, i.e. from Mars to Earth and vice versa, although it will be taking a long gap of 24 minutes in just one-way data transmission.

5. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality – The world wasn’t ready for any of these terms but despite of the drawbacks faced by the Augmented Reality devices such as Google Glass and Microsoft’s HoloLens, the Virtual Reality is going to conquer soon (followed by the Augmented Reality) since it has shown significant improvements in the recent years. The prime examples are PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Since the internet is going to flow like electricity literally everywhere there would be security concerns taking over where you might get paranoid of what’s real and what’s not! Only trial and error would be the solution through which certain measures could be taken and act as per the success it gets.

The individuals as well as businesses (new as well as existing, that always require special training programs for their employees to stay updated) aren’t going to accept the emerging changes soon and usually show reluctance towards the technology breakthroughs. So, why the inventions are happening at the first place? This is because sooner or later people get used to it and start accepting the changes. Somebody has to take the initiatives, else we would be still living in the ancient nomad era.

Author : Ankita Purohit