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By next year, a quarter of websites’ sessions may not need a screen for giving inputs. Do you wonder? That means voice-only search will enable users to browse the Internet without really having to touch and scroll through websites or devices. And this new technology may be the solution to successful brands in the future.

What Is Voice Search?

Voice search basically lets users speak into a device to a search query to generate results. Audio technology utilises speech recognition to learn what users are saying with absolute accuracy. It then gives results spoken to the user.

Voice search technology is not so new. Programs, for instance, speech-to-text and voice dialing are excellent examples of voice search. Programs like Google Assistant, Siri, Microsoft Cortana and Amazon Alexa all employ voice search capabilities.

Just like some devices are optimized for voice search; websites, brands, and platforms also can be optimized. For instance, Amazon Alexa can seamlessly explore through Spotify’s musical inventory, examine Wikipedia or shop on Amazon quickly at a user’s command. That describes how specific brands preferred to optimize their interfaces to be fit with voice search.

Voice Search Optimization Impacts SEO Rankings

Voice search drastically enhances user experience and due to that, we can expect that by the next year, half of all online searches will be done through voice search.

Because of its productive use, search engines such as Google are placing greater importance on voice search optimization.

After all, the point of SEO is to rank websites correctly so users can find the best data for their search inquiry as promptly as possible. User experience is an absolute priority of search engine optimization.

By last year i.e. January 2018, there was an average of one billion voice searches every month, demonstrating that voice search is on the growth.

But it is necessary to learn that voice search SEO and regular website SEO are separate. Accordingly, some determinants that affect website rankings may or may not have an identical impact on voice search and conversely.

Fortunately, there are some tips that can support you compare the two SEO strategies and rank your sites for search listings and voice search.


Tips To Optimize Voice Search

When users adopt voice search, they are typically expecting to make an action such as playing music, searching locations or online shopping.

But not withstanding different intentions, Google uses the same algorithm to rank sites. Below are a few simple steps to better voice search rankings.

Make sure Your Website Loads Instantly

Similar to conventional search engine optimization, Google voice search prefers websites that load fast. To ensure that:

  • Your website is responsive and operates well on mobile devices.

  • Optimizes images.

  • Compresses files.

  • Improves page speed.

  • Your server’s response time is decreased.

  • Other responsibilities that speed up websites traditionally.

Contents Should be in Spoken Language

In conventional searches so far users tend to write in short, mostly bullet-pointed phrases. For instance, if a user wanted to find a great web developer, they could type ‘top web development companies’ in Google. At the same time, if they used voice search, they might say “Who are the top web development companies in the world?”.

To make sure that the content is optimized for voice search also, combine those long-tail keywords that sound more real as opposed to shorter, more fashionable keywords that work well in desktop SEO. Moreover, keep phrases small and simple. Voice search results are normally inscribed at a 13 or 14-year-old’s reading level. Therefore, though your knowledge is high-level, break it down in a way that is easy for anyone to understand.

Although phrases are suggested to be short, lengthy content still ranks favorably on both voice search and regular search listings. So strive for web page content that appears between 1850 and 2500 words.

Insert Featured Blocks of Content

The normal voice search result is about 29 words length. Although we understand that more precise answers do better, we can ensure the content Google recognizes and presents to users by building a highlighted snippet.

In desktop search listings, these snippets arrive just after the paid ads but before the normal search listings. To optimize your content for an identifiable featured snippet, enter a brief summary of your principal content above the fold under 29 words. Sections that apply H-tags, tables, and bullet points are clearly appealing to Google and thus function well. Additionally, be certain to incorporate your long-tail keywords inside the featured snippet.

Focus On Local Searches

Right now more than 20% of voice search queries are looking for location-based content. Consequently, brands have a higher probability of creating voice search content if they spend in local content. For example, use phrases like “near me”.

Does Voice Search Bring Website Traffic To My Site?

Although it doesn’t seem that voice search results provide an upward trend in your Google Analytics reports, it surely drives traffic to your website.

Primarily, when Google records result from voice search listings, it provides sites with a shout out through an uncomplicated phrase. This, of course, builds brand awareness.

As an extension, users can scroll through written transcriptions of search results, which involve links to the websites used as resources. This allows them to drive to the site traditionally and improves organic traffic when they arrange so. Lastly, voice search can promote other important metrics as online sales or media plays on websites.

Investing in voice search optimization is apparent to promote brand awareness, online investments and returns. But notwithstanding the ever-growing influence of voice search, its prevalence and professional use are still on the growth. But if you optimize your site for voice search now, you’ll likely be leading of the race and see great voice search rankings that will definitely improve your brand long-term.

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