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We are way too familiar with this term Bluetooth since it was invented many years back and was one of the most preferred wireless connection to exchange data files (such as images, audio, etc.) from one mobile device to another, when smartphones weren’t there and using internet wasn’t started. It is still in use but since the moment when internet is one of the leading source of data exchange, Bluetooth has lost its significance to some extent, except for few applications like listening to audio in a four-wheeler (while you connect to the internet and play the songs as per YouTube OR play your own playlist), calling someone hands-free, etc. Let’s go through lesser-known applications of Bluetooth that are extremely smart and useful.

1. Health sectors

We need doctors to treat the patients but it’s the software engineer who researches really hard and invents such devices that doctors could use and make life much easier. Using the Bluetooth technology only it is made possible to monitor the heart of a person. The device’s name is CardioNet. The sensor of this device detects the heart rhythms and transmits the collected data to the device’s service center. The cardiac technicians, in turn, analyze this data and send alerts to the physicians if it’s an emergency. The physicians can also read the information via online means.

cardinet - Bluetooth technology heart monitoring device

There is another device known as Oximeter, which is designed to measure the level of oxygen in the blood. The patients can send their health readings to their respective physicians so as to monitor their current physical condition.

2. Technology

Devices like Bluetooth Enabled Digital Camera are able to transfer the files such as images and videos to another Bluetooth enabled devices.

Virtual Keyboard is one of the best technology breakthrough that draws a keyboard anywhere a user wishes to and it can work just like a literal physical keyboard does. The keyboard is drawn with the help of laser light but the device that works as its source has a Bluetooth installed in it that it wirelessly gets connected.

Skully helmet too uses Bluetooth so that the connection of another Bluetooth device could be made and so the applications such as music and something similar could be exchanged and utilized. Skully helmets are based on Augmented Reality and basically designed to display (in front of his eyes) whatever a biker needs to view past his own vehicle and also those areas that block his visibility ahead his way.

skully-helmet - augmented reality based helmet with bluetooth facility

Home security gadgets, such as locking or unlocking the door without practically in need of a physical key, setting alarms, etc. are all smart approaches towards the home security.

Bluetooth tethering, though might not sound a familiar term but it simply implies to a connection between a PC and a mobile device which most people fail to realize since most of us all are used to the USB port connection and we do not bother more than that.

3. Office purposes

There is a device known as Bluetooth Remote Control which is universal in nature, meaning it can modify the current behavior and adds support to new applications as well. It is able to control any electronic device, be it air conditioner or a TV.

Through Bluetooth PC Dialer, a phone call could be established even if the number is not saved in the mobile phone. It has both an outlook plug-in and a stand-alone application. Using the outlook plug-in one can call the email sender by highlighting the email and pressing the Bluetooth PC Dialer button.

bluetooth remote control

LockItNow enables locking and unlocking the computer wirelessly using a mobile phone. Once LockItNow detects that a person is no longer within the PC’s range it automatically locks it so as to protect it from unauthorized access. Once the person returns back to the PC it gets automatically unlocked, thereby ready to be used.

Bluetooth has more of a scope than we realize since its short range holds its security intact, plus the frequencies never clash with each other even if there are so many Bluetooth devices kept together. If a person pairs his own device with another device, other devices wouldn’t bother. And even pairing needs an authorized permit, so no issues with the safety concerns.