Tremendous changes happening in technology is pushing important improvements in industrial automation. Virtualization, cloud applications and wireless processes are modifying manufacturing and industrial automation to brand-new levels. Our Industrial Automation Engineering Services (IAES) utilise numerous advanced solutions for the data acquisition, control and monitoring to produce excellent decisions, conserving time and reducing production expenses while enhancing productivity and reducing waste.

Industrial Automation Engineering Services (IAES) venture on HMI/SCADA projects and organize from granular data acquisition methods till to scalability, machine learning from the planning stage itself. Our design approach will present each project futuristic over legacy SCADA designs and will need lesser human interference at functioning levels. The vendors for every stage from field devices/buses, OPC Servers, Internet couplers, Cloud&big data, visualization will be chosen based on project specifications and will be presented for prior consent. Our HMI designs are uncomplicated, platform free to make it available for platforms like Linux, Windows, MacOSX and Android. All the communication channels will be encrypted and lead vulnerability assessment/penetration testing for solid security systems. Moreover, we grant security reports on customer demands as well.

Project Life Cycle

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There is a large discernment hiding in the industrial data. We transform big data into visualizations and insights which will be the solution to raise revenues by improving production and building new hybrid business models, utilise intelligent technologies to feed innovation and reconstruct their workforce.

IIoT & Big Data Integration

NdimensionZ Industrial Automation Engineering Services (IAES) team is skilled in Industrial automation tools which aid to design and deliver solutions for IIoT, Cloud and BigData platforms. Enterprises that have been obtaining data from Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) for decades, now they are supporting Big Data to reach everyone who can apply it to grow production. Big data is generating unique opportunities for Industries to attain deeper, durable insights that can empower decision making. We deliver extremely resilient big data platform over Public /Private Cloud based on client requirements which make sure great availability, redundancy and business succession.

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The number of associated devices proceeds to expand exponentially worldwide, fostering major IoT data security questions for businesses and their consumers. Adhering to ISO 27001 & PCI level1 control measures and certified processes, NdimensionZ ensures effective security cover over data generation, transmission and storage. Thus NdimensionZ IIOT solutions serve not only at the functional level but also maintain a high degree of security implementation to disclose the future security hurdles as well.

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