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The science and technology wants to make our living easy but at the same time it is affecting our lifestyle and health. The scientists are curious beings and we know that but they are quite stubborn too when it comes to reaching their goals. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is cool if you think about it but at the same time it does have some drawbacks.


Every technology has its cost like after sitting in air conditioner rooms we no longer are able to tolerate a bit of heat. Likewise invention of vehicles was needed to travel long distances but now people can’t even walk a mile, nowadays everyone  is using vehicles to reach very nearby places as well. The result of which everyone is getting overweight or obese and inviting related illnesses.

The robots were once invented to do the daily tasks like lifting heavy objects but these have reached to a whole new level. The scientists have invented AI technology in which the computer would be able to “think” and do its task accordingly. One won’t need to give it instructions on daily basis. It will learn through its surroundings every now and then and will improve with time just like a young child.

Recently there was a very highlighted news of a law firm based in United States that has hired a “robot” to gather and provide evidence of whoever it takes side during the trial. Is it ethical to swap a human with a machine? Where would actual lawyers go if the role of lawyers and judges would be played by a bunch of AI robots instead of literal humans? This seems just a beginning and it wouldn’t stop unless the machines reach every firm to cook food for you in a restaurant, secure your house at the gateway, drive car for you, direct the traffic at the signals if the traffic lights don’t work, clean your house, build a colony of houses. Don’t get scared if you have to file an FIR to a robot who is in charge of a police station. Wouldn’t it create unemployment?

 robotics or Artificial Intelligence

Imagine in place of a human who spends 4 years of his/her life for engineering (say civil or mechanical) would be replaced by a robot who wouldn’t require 4 years but just a few hours of installation and it would be ready to do the task an actual engineer does! This isn’t fair to greed for money and ruin humans’ life.

I do not imply to say that the development in the field of robotics and/or Artificial Intelligence must be stopped because these share their pros as well. The Swedish researchers have developed a robotic arm that could be fitted inside the bone marrow and is able to receive nerve signals so that an amputee gets a new working arm. The same goes with the legs. Those who cannot stand and walk will be able to do that as well. Right now many people find that uncomfortable but with time it will get improved and resemble as if wore a human skin.

The places where robots could be fitted are those that are related with the defense system such as police force or an army, and that too in very severe issues. In the developing and underdeveloped nations several terrorist activities happen like 26/11 in Mumbai where they occupied the Hotel Taj. If those terrorists were attacked by machines, those who lost their lives in the rescue mission would be surviving by now. The robots don’t have obstacles like walls in the middle and so these could detect several details like the exact location, total number of terrorists, how to target exactly, etc.

When it comes to court cases the lawyers become biased and sometimes comment on baseless facts. They are also much involved into taking huge amount of bribes that could be prevented if the task is given to machines. This doesn’t mean that there would be no need of human intervention at all. There must be some set of norms. The judges need to be human. Not all lawyers must be humans, neither all of them require to be machines as well. If a person reaches the court to sort out something he must be given the right to seek both the human as well as the robot so that he doesn’t have the shortage of whatever is needed during the trials. There will be increased chances of getting fair justice and that too on time and one wouldn’t need to wait for years.

In the countries like India, there are so many vacancies in the courts as well as in the police force, army, navy and air force. The force could be divided into a specific number of humans and a few robots. The task could be divided as well as per the situation’s demands.

AI Robots must not be appointed everywhere in every firm because this will lead to unemployment for sure, obviously! Instead of that the machine intervention could be done in specific cases like if you go for a holiday for several days or meet an accident and couldn’t go to office for some days you may send your robot to continue the task you were doing. The firm wherever you work wouldn’t be at any loss and you get the salary the way you always get without deduction. The employees can take this as a huge advantage and may not go to office at all. Here comes the limitations to set. Unless the reason is extremely genuine the company must not open its doors for a robot so as to maintain the high security.