ITSM Consulting, ITIL Training and Certifications

With more than 12 years in ITSM (IT Service Management) consulting, NdimensionZ offers a wide range of ITSM consulting and implementation services for enterprises of any size and trade. We serve companies to tune their IT processes in line with their business’ needs and demands. We deliver consulting for executing the best ITSM applications based on ITIL framework. Our arrangements design, procedures, tasks, checklists and practice aids organizations to integrate with its plan easily.

    Organizations that embrace ITIL usually notice changes as follows
  • Improve in their arrangement of IT to their trade, giving assistance that satisfies the demands of their clients.
  • Enhance the quality of the IT services they deliver by learning the required levels of capacity, security, availability, and continuity, and then planning solutions that are able to deliver these.
  • Reduce the expense of delivering IT by decreasing effort and concentrating on getting things right at the first time itself.
    ITIL periodic awareness and certification training is conducted according to corporate demands upon,
  • lTlL Expert (MALC)
  • lTlL 2011 Foundation Workshop
  • lTlL Intermediate Capabilities -OSA
  • lTlL Intermediate Capabilities - RCV
  • lTlL Intermediate Capabilities -PPO
  • lTlL Intermediate Capabilities -SOA

ITSM Tool Customization

Implementing an ITSM Tool needs complete knowledge of how your company functions. Before beginning an implementation or even making a choice, learn and have documents of processes and activities that are needed in your organization.

BMC Remedy is one of the most regularly applied ITSM implementation tools. BMC ITSM solutions combine modern digital services design with best-practice ITSM systems to excel in service management. BMC presents a total solution that is a single set of products that holds all your ITIL service support needs, from architecture to integration and implementation to support.

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