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When I was as little as in kindergarten the school provided us students a box of crayons that had 12 different colors. It was dark and looked messy when we as kids used them. Then came primary section when plastic crayons were used. Sometimes we had to adjust the absence of a specific color as a set of 12 colors didn’t fulfill our needs. There were students who used to bring the sets of 24 to 36 colors. I always missed the skin color whenever I drew human beings. When we grew up, water colors were in our syllabus where we were taught about the primary colors and secondary colors and the ways to mix and match to get a specific shade. For instance, mixing red and yellow color results in orange. Only highly enthusiastic artists know the details regarding this. But most people don’t. Also they lack the availability of each and every color.

Now the time has changed and so does the technology. The computers use graphical interface and because of that it is provided with so many different colors, having primary combination of Red, Green and Blue that increase or decrease according to the requirement. But what if someone wants to draw an object literally without using M.S. Paint application and wants to provide every single color that is available in the surroundings? Say a specific skin color of person or a wooden object or colorful clothes of a women, everything needs to be filled with colors and if those colors look real the art work would look extremely good.

Imagine you want to draw an apple and provide it a color that exactly matches the real look. How would you do that? This could be achieved with the help of Jinsun Park color picker pen. This is a small pen like device that can detect the color of a particular object and adjusts its RGB to form that object’s color(s) to be used for coloring. It is developed by Korean designer whose name is Jinsun Park in the year 2010. The motive was to provide every single color that we imagine in the surroundings but unable to manage it to make available to us.

Color changing pen - Color Picker Pen

Jinsun Park color picker pen has RGB color sensor to detect the color shade, color scan button which needs to be pressed whenever the scanning is needed, color display that shows which particular color is going to be drawn, RGB cartridge and ball type tip which is kind of a tip of the pen that is used while drawing on the base paper. Like computer screen this pen also needs to keep RGB colors. The red, green and blue colors are the primary colors whose presence is a must to make different variety of colors by adjusting the brightness of each one of them. The ink inside of it changes its color as per the requirement.

Jinsun Park color picker pen hasn’t reach the market for sales may be because it couldn’t have accomplished its claims yet. But the main concept has been out among the researchers and they have been making and testing the similar devices for getting success using the same principle being used by Jinsun. Scribble Pen is one of those researches that claims to produce 100,000 different colors. Not only this, it also claims that it can be used on the plain paper as well as the devices like kindle or tablet where through the software the picture is drawn and colored. The changes in the color use the similar formula that the Eyedropper in the Photoshop application has. The only difference is the pen can draw the real pictures after the scan.

At present there is no source or genuine site from where information like its literal purchase by someone is seen. People want to buy this product but hesitate to avoid fraudulent activities. Once the color picker pen reaches the market it will be a huge hit among the Arts students and enthusiastic artists without any doubt. It might take a few more months to make it a reality though.