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Most people have a very little knowledge about wearable devices. If you ask anybody what variety of gadgets they know only few of them have the actual knowledge who are technology enthusiasts, the rest will say smartwatch, bluetooth, and nothing else. Let me list 5 latest and cool wearable devices that are quite different and are aimed to make life simpler.

1. Soundbrenner Pulse – It is a device specifically designed for musicians. They can measure the timings and by using advanced vibrational technology Soundbrenner Pulse device can deliver the beat directly to their skin. This will help them synchronize the sound with expected timings if a group of musicians sit together and rehearse for a concert or something similar. In that case every musician playing any instrument must wear this wearable device.

Soundbrenner Pulse

The connectivity is done through bluetooth and the device is compatible with Android and iOS. The batteries are rechargeable.

2. SensoGlove – It is designed for golfers. SensoGlove is capable to detect the pressure of the grip while the golfer holds the club or driver. This is displayed at the back of golf club allowing the user to have a clear picture. It has a highly responsive sensor and built-in computer technology that provides both audio and video feedback. This helps in analyzing the data in real-time so that the user gets to know whether he/she is holding too lightly or too firmly and accordingly they may make adjustments.

It uses USB for the connectivity and is compatible with Windows operating system devices. The batteries are disposable.

3. Fat Shark DominatorHD –  This is also a kind of wearable device that could be connected to remote controlled airplanes or drones so that a person may view the scenes captured by the drone live. It is felt as if actually sitting inside the airplane as a first person. The camera needs to be attached inside the drone so that the individual gets the video display in real-time. This is really cool in the field of entertainment and is going to rule the market for sure.

4. Logbar Ring – If you want to control your electronic devices that are located far from you, you may do that without actually moving from your place. Yes, you read that right. Logbar Ring can be fit on your index finger as a normal ring and can be connected with any device you prefer, such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc. This wearable device can sense the gestures of the finger and accordingly performs either of the following functions – text message transmission, alert notification and payment information transmission. The gestures could be pre-planned and set on the smartphone or any other device. Once you feed to it, it will then work based on that. The gestures can also be reset at times if you want. Any gesture is welcome here.

 Logbar Ring

Logbar Ring is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows OS. The battery is rechargeable and holds backup of 1 to 3 days if in continuous usage and 18 days on standby.

5. EPOC Neuroheadset – It is designed for human and computer interaction. The sensors attached can detect the user’s thoughts, expressions and feelings via the electric signals it receives from the brain. It is capable to connect with most PCs through wireless medium. It can control hands-free video game, a wheelchair, and a keyboard.

EPOC Neuroheadset

The connectivity could be established using WiFi and USB. It is compatible with Unix based graphical OS, Linux and Windows OS. The batteries are rechargeable.

These 5 latest and cool wearable devices are great and one may use them wisely as per his or her requirements or just as a source of entertainment.